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    "Grandmaster's repertoire" - a new series of high-quality books written the leading chess players of the world. Based on the main theoretical options, they offer a full repertoire, who by faith and truth will serve for many years both professionals and amateurs. In his two-volume book, the famous grandmaster Boris Avrukh shows the way to White in all the debuts after 1.d4, focusing on the scheme with the royal fianchettto. This repertoire, which brought him to the list of the strongest 50 chess players in the world, he pre- lays the reader, generously sharing his new developments. The first volume covers debuts with 1 ... d5, in the second all the rest - the Old Indian, Dutch, Grünfeld, Benoni, Volzhsky, Budapest and some other debuts. Increased format (170x235 mm). The most important options with the expert's explanations & # 61599; & # 61472; Hundreds of debut novelties The refutation of many theoretical options & # 61599; & # 61472; The debut repertoire for life

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    Like other titles in the Training Program for Chess Players series, this volume is both an excellent textbook for independent study and a powerful training aid for chess coaches. In the view of many experts, no better work of this kind has ever been written. coach and Master of Sport. Golenishchev's programs are still considered. critically important and are successfully employed in chess schools. His teaching methods remain popular in Russia and around the world. Supervised by Editor-in-Chief and former Karpov, this new edition of Golenishchev's classic work is updated to include important games from the recent high-level chess competitions, reflecting modern approaches to the game. OPENING Fragment 1 OPENING Fragment 2

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    In this book of the famous Danish master you will find a wide range tips and ideas that will help you reach a new level in understanding, which, in turn, will improve your tactical vision. Since during the game you constantly have to evaluate the position and choose a specific solution that is not always naked calculation of options, it is useful to use a relatively simple formula, guided by which, you can take the right solutions - both short-term and long-term. It includes a number of elements that constitute the subject of this book. Tastefully selected examples, as well as tasks for self- solutions will surely bring you pleasure and help "To consolidate the material that has been passed." For a wide range of chess fans.

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    In this book, the outstanding Danish grandmaster and successful chess writer Bent Larsen talks about the creative path of the American genius, world champion Robert Fisher. A special place is given to the memories of the time when Larsen was the second of the young Bobby. Important in the creative attitude of the party Fisher with the author's comments. For a wide range of chess lovers

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  • Glass chess. High-strength glass, resistant to scratches. Figures easily slide on the board. Size 62x40x41 cm. Weight 2.2 kg.

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    Before you - the continuation of the legendary book, which was eagerly awaited by Russian-speaking chess fans around the world. Alexei Shirov, the repeated contender for the title of world champion and one of the brightest and most distinct grandmasters of our time, in detail and captivatingly comments on his best games, saturated with tactical fireworks and extraordinary moves. & laquo; This boy already thinks better than me & raquo ;, & mdash; said about his young student Michael Tal. "Thanks to his combative fury, Shirov can be considered one of Tal's direct heirs ... & raquo ;, writes the famous grand master J.Spilman. In comparison with the English edition, the book is supplemented by the parties of recent years. For a wide range of chess fans.

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  • The size of the board is 70 x 70 cm, the cells are 8 x 8 cm. The cells are light and blue. Plastic figures with a magnet, black and red. Carrying and storage pouch.

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    In his new book, Grandmaster Vladimir Tukmakov, one of the most experienced and authoritative coaches of our time, talks about working with the stars of the world chess of the end of the XXth century. beginning of the XXI century. Among the wards Tukmakov were world champion Anatoly Karpov and his historical rival Victor Korchnoi, the legendary grand masters Efim Geller and Vitaliy Tseshkovsky, representatives of today's elite Pavel Eljanov, Anish Giri and Wesley So. Under the leadership of V. Tukmakov, the Ukrainian team won two World Chess Olympiads (2004 and 2010), and Socar twice won the European Clubs Cup (2012 and 2014). Coaches of Azerbaijan and Holland also trained; currently helps the national team of Belarus.
    The frank story about the daily work on chess at the highest level is illustrated by numerous detailed commentary games and fragments.
    For a wide range of chess fans.
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    The book is intended for all those who have faith in the ability to self-improvement and want to increase their practical strength. If the reader learns something new and useful for himself, the author will consider his task accomplished. Vladimir Borisovich Tukmakov, a great chess player in the past, has achieved outstanding success in recent years as a coach. He twice led the national team of Ukraine to the Olympic gold medals and was recognized as the best coach of FIDE in 2010, having received the "coaching" Oscar. " In this book, the author in fascinating form and at the same time with the highest professionalism talks about the problems of training a chess player, not only theoretical, but also psychological, which is sometimes of no less importance. Tukmakov reveals the "secrets" of modern computer training, subtle nuances of the team struggle.
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    Vladimir Tukmakov is one of the leading grandmasters of the legendary galaxy of the "golden age" of the Soviet chess school, an Olympic champion, a three-time silver medalist of the USSR championships, winner and prize-winner of many major international tournaments. Last years - the head coach of the Ukrainian team, a team of stars, brilliantly won under his leadership at the Olympics in Calvia in 2004. For the book, the author selected and commented in detail on the most memorable and instructive parties, and did it from the standpoint of his current view - the coach, the debut scholar, a specialist with a world-wide name. The book is a kind of textbook, all critical positions on the diagrams are accompanied by questions-assignments. By solving these exercises and comparing the answers with the author's recommendations, you will be able to identify your weaknesses and strengths and achieve progress in all stages of the game.
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    Risk and bluff are indispensable elements of the Great Game. It is they who are dedicated to the new book of the famous grandmaster and experienced coach Vladimir Tukmakov. Why do players risk, and what pushes the big chess players to a desperate bluff! On this and many other questions the author answers usually seriously, sometimes with irony.