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    Acquaintance with typical victims in such a double-edged debut, as Sicilian defense, is absolutely necessary for a chess player, who wants to improve his skills. Author, participant of the seven World Chess Olympiad in the Canadian team demonstrates by illustrative examples how important initiative, attack, and dynamic factors are in chess. At the end of the book, positions are given for an independent decision. For a wide range of chess fans.

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    The book written by the fifth world chess champion Max / Euwe, is devoted to the answer to the question: why does one chess player of the level master and higher defeats the other. On the example of parties between strong masters and grand masters < A detailed analysis of the ideological content of the struggle is conducted, with the emphasis being on motivating decision-making. The mistakes made by strong chess players,

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  • Electronic chess clock, recommended by FIDE. DGT 2010 appeared in 2007, and in June 2008, after testing by high-profile arbitrators who concluded that the clock met all the rules of the organization, received the status of "official FIDE watches". * setting various time controls, including Fisher and Bronstein controls (with the addition of time) * attractive design * convenient display and buttons * turning on / off the sound signal * pause

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    Do you have a limited time to study chess, and the greater part of it goes to the cramming of the debut options? Here's the solution: surprise your opponent with the first moves with the help of Elshad's debut for whites! In the innovative book of the most experienced trainer and master Igor Nemtsev a shocking approach to the game by whites in the opening is offered. The White King usually remains in the center, while the black monarch undergoes a rapid attack. In the book you will find games played against a number of powerful chess players, including Grandmasters A. Morozevich and S. Grigoryants. Each of you will have a chance to defeat absolutely any opponent! Faced with new challenges, your opponent will only have to be on his own strength, but do not remember the deep theory. Play Elshad's debut and experience what it's like & mdash; play a fresh battle chess! The book is essentially a continuation of the recently published work, where it was about how to deal with stronger opponents on the basis of Elshad's debut with black figures. Here we will talk about building your own repertoire on the basis of Elshad's debut by whites! Thus, having studied both books, you completely & will close & raquo; your debut repertoire against absolutely any opponent.

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    The book of the outstanding Soviet grandmaster and literary writer Aleksei Sandra Kotova is devoted to the most important aspect of improving chess player & mdash; tactics. As you know, 90% of success in modern chess brings tactical vigilance and imagination. Therefore, when you study this tutorial, you will definitely increase the power of your game. The book was previously published in England, in English it is published for the first time. For a wide range of chess lovers. STUDENT FRAGMENT 1 STUDENT FRAGMENT 2

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  • The strongest chess player of the present, world champion, winner of the highest rating Magnus Carlsen and one of the world's leading chess players, winner Candidates Tournament Fabiano Caruana, the highest rating of which reached the exorbitant 2844. Barlov, Bernal, Vazquez, Co & quot; World champion Magnus Carlsen’s chess school & quot; A. Kalinin & quot; Fabiano Caruana. Chess lessons. XXI Century Super Grand Master & quot; With the purchase of this kit you pay 20% less than with the purchase of these same books separately! Saving 210 rub. Offer valid for the duration of the mast for the title of world chess champion, held in London between the current world champion from Norway by Magnus Carlsen and the challenger, an American of Italian descent, Fabiano Caruana (USA). & nbsp; Annotations and introductory fragments of books can be found on the links

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    Caro-Kann Defense & ndash; One of the most popular modern debuts, which is firmly included in the repertoire of most elite chess players. The author of the book, a well-known grandmaster and theorist, offers a complete repertoire for blacks in response to 1.e4, explains in detail the basic strategic ideas of each option and gives the exact order of moves, offers a number of new products in current schemes. Each chapter discusses alternative plans for black, so that the reader can make a choice according to his taste, and it is more difficult for an opponent to prepare. Much attention is paid to the parties by correspondence, in which players use all the achievements of modern technology. All analyzes are tested on powerful computers. Carefully selected positions for the decision will help the reader to consolidate their knowledge. The book is written for chess players of any level & ndash; from amateurs to professionals.

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  • The height of the king is 7.7 cm.

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Russian CHESS House

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    The World Chess Olympiad Champion, two-time Ukrainian Champion, Grandmaster Andrei Volokitin and Honored Coach of Ukraine, who educated 13 grandmasters, international master Vladimir Grabinsky prove that the greatest reserve in improving the chess player is laid in development
    own thinking.
    Perfectly selected material, exclusively fresh examples (all of them are taken from the games played not earlier than 2000) will bring a lot of pleasure and benefit to any qualified player or coach. Instead of repeating banal truths, the authors will surprise the reader with a scattering of original finds.
    This book, published in five languages, has received rave reviews from many grandmasters. The work contains examples from the practice of international grandmaster A. Volokitin, in which even the author, one of the strongest grandmasters of Ukraine, was not always able to find the optimal solution. Typically, this
    the key moments of the parties, in which the right decision does not lie on the surface, and this is where the practical workshop differs favorably from other books of a similar orientation.
    After reading this book, you will undoubtedly significantly increase the strength of your game.
    This book is a revised and revised edition of the previously published book "Tutorial for geeks, & raquo;

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    Vsevolod Kostrov is a chess coach of the highest category. Author of more than 100 books and manuals on chess.
    Educational and methodical complex Kostrova (textbooks for children, reshebniki, workbooks)
    publishing house "Russian Chess HOUSE" became the Winner of the contest "Chess universal Education of Russia".
    These are the best chess books for children in our country today!
     According to textbooks and problem books Kostrova engaged in a huge number
     young chess players who then win various tournaments, 
     they become masters and grandmasters.
    Part I: 2000 Chess Exercises. Pin, Double Attack
    Tutorial. Pin, Double Attack 1-2 rank, 1700-2000 Elo. This collection of chess tasks and combinations is the continuation of the series "theatre company". You have matured, so and tasks have become harder. This collection presents two themes: Pin, Double Attack. A rare chess game does without these tactics. Both the Pin, Double Attack can be met in the early debut and in the deep endgame. Any piece, even a king and a pawn, can strike twice. But especially dangerous are the Queen and the horse, which can "work" in eight directions at once! And how difficult it is sometimes to get rid of the ligament, which you are ready to inflict elephants and rooks of the enemy. We hope that our book will help you turn these dangerous techniques into their good allies. 
    Part II: 2000 Chess Exercises. Divertion, Decoy
    Tutorial. Divertion, Decoy. 1-2 rank, 1700-2000 Elo. Before you is the 2nd collection of chess problems and combinations in the Tutorial for Dischargers series. Here are two themes: DIVING AND ATTRACTION. Distraction is a well-known technique in many sports games. Imagine that there are two strikers for the football goalkeeper. The first distracts the goalkeeper to himself and gives the ball to the second, who calmly rolls it into an empty net. This tactical technique is also used in chess, when it is necessary to distract any figure from the protection of an important field or another figure. With the help of the tactic "enticing" you can force the opponent's figure to take a position that is unfavorable for her, in which she dies. This technique is especially effective in relation to the king. Enticement is often used with a double strike, a bunch, and other tactics.
    Part III: 2000 Chess Exercises. Chess Combinations
    Tutorial. Chess Combinations. 1-2 Rank, 1700-2000 Elo. The 3rd book of the series “Chess exercises” will enrich you with more sophisticated tactical weapons. It is not always possible to reach the king using brute force. Try to act trick! Disguise your actions as a scout and act like an experienced diplomat. Find a weak spot in the camp of the enemy and at the right time destroy the defense and apply a thin dagger strike. Alien figures can become allies. By skillful maneuvers, draw the opponent's pieces to their king, let them block him so that he cannot move, and at that moment deliver the decisive blow. It is bad when all the pieces of your opponent interact perfectly. Try to drive a wedge into their orders - block them with a solid chess door. Is the enemy attack on your fortifications terrible? Should I go into a defensive defense? Always look for counterstrike. A thin intermediate shot can change the course of the fight! If your figures huddle in a small space and prevent each other from reaching the king of the enemy, decide who is time to attack the royal fortress and free your space for an attack. King must always be protected first. Use this circumstance and make an open attack on him and other figures. And then the millstone of your "mill" will grind all the enemy army. It would seem that the king of the enemy is securely covered by his retinue. But under the powerful x-ray beam of your linear figures in the position of the opponent you will immediately find cracks and holes!
    Part IIII: 2000 Chess Exercises. Chess Endings
    Tutorial. Chess endings. 1-2 rank, 1700-2000 Elo. 1-2 Klasse. In the last, the 4th “Chess exercises”, we collected the basic model positions of chess endings, which you need to know as the multiplication table. And so that it was not boring, they added interesting examples from the games of champions and amazing sketches of famous chess composers. In the endgame, the victory most often comes to the more experienced and knowledgeable. All world champions have repeatedly stressed the need to study the endings. V. Smyslov advises young chess players to pay special attention to the endgame. H.R. Capablanca believes that the ability to play the ending is a prerequisite for practical success. And “the grandfather of Russian chess” A. Petrov argues that to be able to play an endgame means to be able to play. We have no doubt that, having solved all the tasks from this book, you will love simple positions. And then build a chess "bridge", "square" and "ladder" will not be for you any difficulty. And at the right time - you will be able to drive the enemy into zugzwang. At the end of the game you will surely meet all the tactics studied in the first three books.
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    Before you & ndash; One of the most famous works in chess literature, a real guide for many generations of chess players. This book is the content of twelve public lectures given by Em. Lasker in front of an audience of London players in the spring of 1895. The lectures of the great world champion, who was at the height of his creative powers, rose high above the level of simple public speaking and were well ahead of their time. Anyone who knows the rules of chess will be more than rewarded by learning the lessons from this book. The publication has passed a special chess editing. For a wide range of chess lovers. Table of Contents Excerpt

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    Шахматы – одна из самых распространенных игр в мире, причем их популярность постоянно растет. И не важно, сколько вам лет: восемь или восемьдесят. В этой книге вы найдете все, чтобы в полной мере насладиться шахматами – от объяснений правил игры до начального курса дебютов. Вашими наставниками станут легендарные Эмануил Ласкер, Хосе Рауль Капабланка, Макс Эйве, Арон Нимцович и другие. Шахматы существуют не только для особо одаренных людей, они – одно из самых увлекательных занятий для всех и каждого. Для широкого круга читателей. Издание укомплектовано компакт-диском. Оглавление 1 Оглавление 2 Отрывок

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    Author & mdash; outstanding writer, historian, doctor of political sciences.

    This book & mdash; serious work, but written exclusively fascinating, in an almost detective form and read in one breath. Exploring the official and unofficial Soviet documents, the author comes to a very unexpected conclusion regarding the causes of Stalin's death. From the preface: & laquo; At the top of the pyramid of the Soviet partycracy there was not enough room for two criminal geniuses & mdash; for Stalin and Beria. Sooner or later, one had to give way to another, or both would die in the mutual struggle. Both happened almost simultaneously & raquo ;. & laquo; For me, Abdurakhman Avtorkhanov became a great teacher on how to write books & raquo; & mdash; Viktor Suvorov, author of the books & laquo; Icebreaker & raquo ;, & laquo; Day & bdquo; М & ldquo; & raquo; and others.

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    An outstanding Danish athlete, a gymnast who won
    134 (!) Titles in various sports, Jörgen Peter Muller worked
    over the creation of an exercise system of & laquo; 5 minutes a day & raquo; about 20 years.
    After the publication of the book, the book created a sensation, endured without a brainer. finite number of reissues, sold multimillion
    editions, was published in all major European languages
    and became a desktop for many generations all over the world.
    You will not need any jigs, shells and specs
    social rooms. Exercises that can be done right-
    Kticheski everywhere, ensure healthy functioning of the lymph system, the heart,
    lungs, normalize the digestive process and metabolic processes,
    naturally free the body from toxins and slags.
    Using this wonderful technique, spending just
    five (!) minutes a day, you can achieve not only an increase
    physical strength or improved external data (this is only
    “a side effect” but also to get a boost of energy and vigor
    365 days a year.

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    These rules are approved by the International Federation
    Table Tennis International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).
    All official competitions on the territory of the Russian Federation -
    Walkie-talkies should be carried out according to these Rules. Officials
    (team leaders, coaches, athletes and referees) taking
    participation in competitions, are obliged in their actions guide-
    enter these Rules.
    Competitions in table tennis are held in sports
    disciplines in accordance with the All-Russian register of sports:
    & mdash; single digit;
    & mdash; doubles;
    & mdash; mixed doubles;
    & mdash; team competition.
    Now you can defend your rights and not get offended
    The book is written for all table tennis fans, from novice-
    to professionals. Irreplaceable assistant referees and organization-
    competition redeemers.

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    The author of the book introduces the reader to the fascinating world of Russian checkers, tells the secrets of the game, explaining in detail the strategically and tactically important techniques. There are instructive examples from the work of outstanding masters.

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    In this book, the American grandmaster, the world champion, presents the reader with 60 of his parties. These are not always his best games (three of them are lost by Fischer), but they necessarily contain something memorable to the author. All 60 parties, commented in this book were played in the period 1957-1967 with strict observance of the tournament regulations. The parties were thoroughly and thoroughly commented on by Fischer. Each game is preceded by a small but accurate description written by Grandmaster Evans. This book gives the key to unraveling one of the main secrets of Fischer's success: his exceptional devotion to chess art, incessant creative burning. All the book as a whole allows not only to study the style of the game of the 11th world champion, but also make an impression of him as a man and a chess player. The book fully reveals this secret, and in that its intransient value.