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    Cardinally revised and supplemented edition of the famous debut multi-volume & ndash; desktop edition Russian (and not only!) amateurs and professionals of Russian drafts. Author & ndash; vice-champion of Russia in the correspondence game, international master V.M. Vysotsky. The first volume of the encyclopedia is dedicated to the beginnings arising after the move of the white 1.c3-b4, and includes an overview of the following debuts: Classic jamb, Seyzneva Cant, Sargin Cant, > A jamb with a change for g5 and a jamb of Perelman. For a wide range of checkers fans.

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    The book of the international master, experienced trainer and chess journalist Luis Bernal is dedicated to the Berlin defense, which gained special popularity after its successful application by Vladimir Kramnik in the match for the title of world champion of 2000 against Harry Kasparov. Not only the legendary "Berlin endgame" is considered, but a full range of other, anti-Berlin & raquo; opportunities. The author did not try to overload the work with detailed options, but give more ideas and model solutions. The book consists of three parts: a section of theory, exemplary parties with comments and a set of model positions for Today the Berlin Defense & mdash; a regular guest in super tournaments and is included in the repertoire of the most powerful grandmasters of the world. Magnus Carlsen is a special and constant love for this debut. For a wide range of chess fans.

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    The book of the experienced trainer Luis Miguel Alonso is a detailed initial course of chess tactics. You will get acquainted with the most important tactical tactics of the chess game, allowing to reach the enemy king and declare he mate. The second part of the book & mdash; The book is intended primarily for beginning chess players. Increased format (170 × 245 mm).

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  • Quartz chess clock & nbsp; Size of watch: 6.5 * 18 cm. Height 12 cm. Weight 380 g. Powered by one AA battery (included) Plastic enclosure

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    Before you - the continuation of the legendary book, which was eagerly awaited by Russian-speaking chess fans around the world. Alexei Shirov, the repeated contender for the title of world champion and one of the brightest and most distinct grandmasters of our time, in detail and captivatingly comments on his best games, saturated with tactical fireworks and extraordinary moves. & laquo; This boy already thinks better than me & raquo ;, & mdash; said about his young student Michael Tal. "Thanks to his combative fury, Shirov can be considered one of Tal's direct heirs ... & raquo ;, writes the famous grand master J.Spilman. In comparison with the English edition, the book is supplemented by the parties of recent years. For a wide range of chess fans.

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    Creativity of the ninth world champion Tigran Petrosyan is a bright and original page of chess art. Petrosyan's unique style of playing was distinguished by strategic depth, a subtle understanding of the position and an inimitable art of prevention. At the same time, the ninth world champion possessed an excellent sense of dynamics and sharp combination eyesight, as confirmed by the numerous diamond parties included in this collection. T. Petrosyan's works, commented on by him, will become an excellent guide for studying the positional games. For educational purposes, the parties are divided into thematic sections, each of which is preceded by a short introduction.

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    The book is based on the selected materials published in the magazine & laquo; 64 & ndash; Chess Review & raquo; in 2017. Vladimir Kramnik, Vishy Anand, Levon Aronian, Shahriyar Mamedyarov, Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, Dean Lizhen, Peter Svidler, Alexander Grischuk, Ian Nepomnyashchiy, Dmitry Yakovenko, Nikita Vityugov, Radoslav Wojtaszek, Vladimir Fedoseev, Maxim Matlakov, Daniil Dubov, Vladislav Artemyev, Evgeny Naer, Emil Sutovsky and other top grandmasters. The collection includes reviews of the most significant competitions: a super tournament in St. Louis with Garry Kasparov, European and World team championships, the World Cup in Tbilisi, the personal World Women's Championship in Tehran, the stages of the FIDE Grand Prix, traditional tournaments in Wijk aan- Zee, Zurich, Shamkir, Poikovsky, Stavanger, London, etc. For a wide range of chess fans.

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  • Time control without adding. Pause. Sound signal. Size 14 x 9 x 5 cm. Weight with batteries 150 g. Powered by one AA-type battery (supplied)

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    The book is devoted to the work of one of the leading chess players of the world Fabiano Caruana, whose highest rating reached sky-high 2844! Opens her biographical essay, telling about the sports path of the Italian-American grandmaster, his views on The main part of the book introduces the best parts of Karu- , characterized by the colorful and crystal clearness of the strategic line. The parties are grouped according to the academic topics: & mdash; attack on the king; & mdash; under the sign of centralization; & mdash; offensive on the queenside; & mdash; two-flank strategy; & mdash; protection and counterattack; & mdash; & la ;, Berlin & raquo; endgame; & mdash; Dortmund pearls; & mdash; victim of the queen. Author & mdash; International Grandmaster, Honored Coach of Russia. For a wide range of chess fans.

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    Foreword by Garry Kasparov. Block of color illustrations. What is the future of computer-aided chess? Fading and gradual withdrawal from the scene or progress and a new heyday? The answers to these and many other questions are given by the unusual book of the chess master L. Yudasin, which deals not only with the history and development of chess, but also with the mystery of the human mind, the mysterious multi-connectivity of the world of culture, and the destinies of mankind. The many-sided "Millennial myth of chess" is a kind of encyclopedia of millions of games and a spiritual phenomenon integrated into the course of human progress.

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    This manual, written by an experienced trainer, the international grandmaster of the ICCF, contains more than 600 tasks, which are classified in detail by combination of motives. A thoughtful sequence of tasks helps the development of combination vision and allows the use of the book also as a textbook. For all positions is characterized by intense struggle, in which the goal is achieved in a unique way. The book is intended for general education and sports schools, universities, chess teams of non-school institutions, as well as for self-education.

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    The strongest chess player of the present, world champion, winner of the highest rating Magnus Carlsen and one of the world's leading chess players, winner Candidates Tournament Fabiano Caruana, the highest rating of which reached the exorbitant 2844.

    Barlov, Bernal, Vazquez, Co & quot; World champion Magnus Carlsen’s chess school & quot;

    A. Kalinin & quot; Fabiano Caruana. Chess lessons. XXI Century Super Grand Master & quot;

    With the purchase of this kit you pay 20% less than with the purchase of these same books separately! Saving 210 rub.

    Offer valid for the duration of the mast for the title of world chess champion, held in London between the current world champion from Norway by Magnus Carlsen and the challenger, an American of Italian descent, Fabiano Caruana (USA).

    & nbsp; Annotations and introductory fragments of books can be found on the links

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    The collection of etudes by the wonderful Russian chess composer Alexei Seleznev (1888 - 67 1967) not only immerses us in the wonderful world of beautiful and memorable ideas, brought to perfect form. It is indispensable for independent work on chess, because Seleznev sketches are closely related to practical play and for the most part are educational in nature. We also note the impeccability of the studies that passed the computer test. For a wide range of chess lovers.

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    The book tells about the chess way of Grandmaster Alexandra
    Goryachkina. The reader will learn about how a young athlete from chess
    remote provinces successfully went to storm the most prestigious tournaments,
    won the children's championships of Russia, Europe and the world, then entered
    in the adult national team of the country and has achieved the greatest successes in the process
    professional chess.
    Authors share the secrets of successful workouts from Alexandra
    and her parents, suggest what problems can expect young
    talents on the road to success. The book provides many details
    commented on chess pieces, revealing the creator Grandmaster’s image.
    For a wide range of chess lovers.

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    Author of the book & mdash; Master of Sports of the USSR in Russian drafts & mdash; Valery
    Makarievich Efimchuk, winner and prize winner of many tournaments, author
    one of the most important for the theory of development systems in the debut of the "Jamb
    Sargin & raquo;, published in various publications and updated auto-
    rum in this book. The games are played in various tours.
    Unrah as in the game at the board, and by correspondence.
    The book is intended for fans of the game, from beginners to shashi-
    set & mdash; professionals.

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    Now you don’t have to memorize an avalanche of constantly updated fashionable forced debuts! London system & ndash; excellent weapon against the young talents stuffed with the book theory. If you force them to play outside the framework of prepared options, they will certainly resort to the basic principles of development, and, as the reader will see, this can lead to a debut catastrophe. The London system promises a lot and against a stronger contender who is striving for an indispensable victory, this is also a wonderful & laquo; spare & raquo; debut. Finally, the study of this universal scheme of development contributes to the expansion of the general chess horizons. Grandmaster Vlatko Kovacevic (who once beat R. Fisher himself in the tournament!) Is considered the best specialist in the world in the London system. For a wide range of chess lovers.

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    The books of the Paraguayan grandmaster Zeno Franco enjoy deserved success with readers in many countries around the world. They are distinguished by an excellent selection of material and a highly conscientious approach to commenting. & laquo; Attack Art & raquo; talks about the most fascinating element of a chess game on the example of magnificent examples of creativity, for the most part from the practice of modern grandmasters. Readers can be sure that they will not be left to wallow in the sea of ​​computer options, but on the contrary, they will explain in great detail the ideas that are hiding behind almost every move. Reading this book is not only fun, but also helps to better understand chess, which is played at the highest level today.

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    Chess is a struggle of ideas. And the winner is the one who has more ideas. Having carefully studied the book, you will seriously increase your understanding of the strategy, learn to apply the methods invented by the great chess players in certain positions, and obtain the necessary knowledge base of chess ideas. By the way, Nimzowicz wrote that “in chess, after all, only the world of ideas is interesting.”. “Sarkhan Guliyev wrote a smart, thin book. It remains only to wish her to find her reader,” writes multiple world champion Anatoly Karpov in the preface.

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    In this book, two essentially different
    completely different editions of the famous Chess Tutorial
    game are combined under one binder in one book. & raquo; They were written by an outstanding grandmaster and chess writer,
    world vice-champion David Ionovich Bronstein, according to which
    the second edition of the "self-help" & raquo; & mdash; it’s just the second part.
    Instead of a dry academic language, the author offers himself in the meeting
    to the reader and in a lively manner talks about how the strongest players of the world play, how they seek to get that or another
    favorite position & mdash; after all, in chess, first of all, they are not looking for the best
    move, but a way to achieve a favorable position.
    If you follow the advice of a wise mentor, then you will
    greatly increase the strength of your game.
    The self-instruction manual is designed for a wide circle of readers familiar with the Shah
    game, but many useful things will come from the book and experienced Shah
    matists and coaches.