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  • The strongest chess player of the present, world champion, winner of the highest rating Magnus Carlsen and one of the world's leading chess players, winner Candidates Tournament Fabiano Caruana, the highest rating of which reached the exorbitant 2844. Barlov, Bernal, Vazquez, Co & quot; World champion Magnus Carlsen’s chess school & quot; A. Kalinin & quot; Fabiano Caruana. Chess lessons. XXI Century Super Grand Master & quot; With the purchase of this kit you pay 20% less than with the purchase of these same books separately! Saving 210 rub. Offer valid for the duration of the mast for the title of world chess champion, held in London between the current world champion from Norway by Magnus Carlsen and the challenger, an American of Italian descent, Fabiano Caruana (USA). & nbsp; Annotations and introductory fragments of books can be found on the links

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    The book of the international master, experienced trainer and chess journalist Luis Bernal is dedicated to the Berlin defense, which gained special popularity after its successful application by Vladimir Kramnik in the match for the title of world champion of 2000 against Harry Kasparov. Not only the legendary "Berlin endgame" is considered, but a full range of other, anti-Berlin & raquo; opportunities. The author did not try to overload the work with detailed options, but give more ideas and model solutions. The book consists of three parts: a section of theory, exemplary parties with comments and a set of model positions for Today the Berlin Defense & mdash; a regular guest in super tournaments and is included in the repertoire of the most powerful grandmasters of the world. Magnus Carlsen is a special and constant love for this debut. For a wide range of chess fans.

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  • Glass chess. High-strength glass, resistant to scratches. Figures easily slide on the board. Size 62x40x41 cm. Weight 2.2 kg.

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    Five-time world champion Vishy Anand has been among the strongest chess players in the world for three decades. His initiative, beautiful style of play, as well as impeccable athletic qualities, won the hearts of numerous fans of chess. Thirty parties included in this book will deliver readers not only great aesthetic pleasure. A special methodological value is provided by the comments of the Indian grandmaster, harmoniously combining general reasoning and concrete analysis. For the training purposes, the parties are divided into thematic sections. For a wide range of chess fans < / p>

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    The authors of the book, teachers of the highest category Vsevolod Kostrov and Nikolai Yakovlev, well known to chess lovers. According to their textbooks 20 In recent years, classes have been conducted in schools in different cities of Russia and abroad. Books are modern, any teacher or coach can work on them. AT In this textbook, the authors continue to familiarize young chess players with the wisdoms of the great ancient game. The book is designed for children who have already met with the basics of chess art and want to reach the level of 2-3 digits. Recommended for teachers in schools and children's art houses. For the widest range of children, parents and coaches

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    In the book "The System of Zaitsev in the Spanish Party" Alexei Kuzmin summarizes the results of joint work with the author of the system - Igor Zaitsev, whom their duet conducted while helping Karpov, and analytical work during his cooperation with Alexander Morozevich. The author shows the current state of the current System and, demonstrating a large number of new ideas, outlines the ways of its development. Two chapters are devoted to the new strategic direction of black counterplay, connected with early exchange on d4 and the subsequent attack of the center. The author calls this option Saratov. The book for the first time generalizes the material already accumulated on it, and the analysis done by the author allows us to "look into the future" a bit. The parties' strategic plans are explained, which makes the book useful to a wide range of readers.

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    In this famous book the famous chess master, Honored trainer of the USSR Sokolsky simple and affordable language tells about the principles of the debut and the middle of the game. A special value of the book was the deep analysis of the set parties, along with expressive and understandable comments. Alexei Pavlovich Sokolsky was an explorer and theoretician, one of the read chess players on Earth, whose name is named debut. For many years he was the coach and second of the illustrious grandmaster Isaak Boleslavsky, as well as a teacher who worked with young players. Our edition will be an excellent tool for chess players 3-1 ranks and will allow them to significantly enhance their skills!

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    The first Russian world champion Alexander Alekhine entered the history not only as a winner of many tournaments and matches and the creator of hundreds of masterpieces of chess creativity. He also right is considered one of the most prominent analysts of all times. Alekhine's comments differ depth and objectivity, a clear statement of the prisoners in the position of ideas. AT This edition is for the first time collected all parties of Alekhine with author's notes. Many of them are currently can only be found in older journals, some previously were published in Russian. In editorial notes the achievements of modern computer analysis are taken into account. The fourth volume publishing house "Russian Chess House" completes the release of a fundamental collection of creativity an ingenious Russian maestro. For a wide range of chess fans

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    The textbook that you hold in your hands, the author prepared a long and careful Therefore, selecting the most methodically valuable, instructive and positions. Chess puzzles from this book will help you develop your imagination, positional flair and assess the level of its combination of talents. "The author of the book, international master Michal Konopka, not only a strong practical player, but also a highly qualified coach, writes in the foreword one of the world's strongest grandmasters David Navara. Pan Michal believes that the greatest reserve in improving chess player is not only built up in the accumulation of knowledge, but in the development of own thinking and fantasy. Any qualified player and coach will get a lot of fun and benefit from perfectly matched material. Instead of repeating capital truths, the author surprise the reader with a scattering of original finds!

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    Ноткин Максим

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    The book of one of the strongest Soviet grandmasters, the champion of the USSR and the participant of the candidates' tournaments Alexander Kotov, was originally intended for a foreign reader, was a bestseller in the West, but never published in Russian. Publisher & laquo; Russian Chess House & raquo; gladly fills this gap. The author tells about the strongest Soviet chess school in world history, about the techniques that made it possible for decades to draw the title of world champion by the internal affair of Soviet chess players. You will learn how to learn debut, middle game and endgame, how to work on your games and much more.

    For a wide range of chess lovers.

  • book

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    The book-textbook was written by a remarkable chess player, five-time champion of the Russian Federation, deserved trainer of the USSR Rashid Nezhmetdinov. It will help a beginner of any age to quickly master the basics of chess, and then get a deeper idea about them. For those who want to learn chess independently, and for those who want to learn chess! Increased format (170x235 mm). Table of contents Excerpt
  • book

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    This book of the fifth world champion Max Euwe (who took the crown from the great Alexander Alekhin!), which has sustained dozens of publications abroad, for the first time comes out in Russian. As you know, in chess, the winner is the one who rarely makes mistakes. Many lovers routinely admit standard errors that lead to a sad outcome & ndash; especially if the opposite is the master. How to make progress? The book that you hold in your hand will help you. It details the parties played by the master against an amateur. In these duels there are almost all kinds of typical mistakes made by players who have not reached the maturity of maturity. You will understand the nature of these errors and find out how they are refuted. A careful study of the parties will help you to better orient yourself in the strategic jungle of the middlegame and the subtleties of the endgame. And, probably, in due course you can play with masters on an equal footing. For a wide range of chess fans.

  • book

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    This chess book-solving "A" will help you learn how to win! You will get acquainted with all possible ways to put the MAT to the enemy's king. What is a mate to the king? This attack on a completely limited in his movements chess monarch. Heavy figures - rooks and queen - are best suited to put a LINE mate. Elephants, queen and horse will declare mat DIAGONAL. Fun MAT crazy! It seems that the king is surrounded by his subjects, but a skilled chess player will find the opportunity to inflict a blowing blow to the horse.
  • book

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    The "C" book is the continuation of the series of remakes. The tasks in it will be more complicated than in the previous ones.
    In the first part of the book, the mate will have to be put in 2 turns. And you will learn how to bring the matting figures and push the enemy king onto the pitching field.
    The second part of the book is devoted to heavy figures. They are best suited to pick up the king on an empty board. You will get acquainted with all the techniques that are used in the finals of rook and queen endings.
    We understood the king. And it's time to take up the destruction of enemy figures. From whom do we begin? Of course, with the queen! He is the strongest - so we'll start with him. In the third part of the book you are waiting for tasks to surround and capture the all-powerful figure.
    The book is intended for chess players 3-4 categories

  • book

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    We hope that you have reached a high chess level and maybe even performed a chess rank. Book "D" will help you improve your chess skills.
    In this book we will get acquainted with the figures sitting in the ambush! It's important that you make friends with them. And then the figures will pop up at the right time, and you will be able to achieve a decisive advantage in the fight against the strongest enemy.
    An open (double) check allows you to pick up the king. Also, an open check is useful for winning material, since the outgoing figure is capable of committing a dangerous attack or capture.
    The book is intended for chess players of the 3rd level.

    < / span>

  • book

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    Dear chess player!
    You already defeated our first four books and learned how to put a mate on the enemy's king. Unfortunately, the chess game often fails to solve the problem in this way.
    The book "E" is designed to ensure that in your arsenal there are as many different chess techniques that will help you win victories. Your weapon will be both terrible double blows, and suffocating ligaments, and clever zastavki, and sweet distractions. You will learn how to release lines for the striking blows of your long-range figures, and in case of danger you will learn how to block the road to enemy figures and conduct your combinations.
    Do not be afraid to sacrifice a couple of pieces to the enemy to achieve the goal! Count the combination, and you will be able to return the material with interest. With the first tasks of each lesson, you can easily cope. The rest will be a little more difficult, but if you see weak fields on the board, pay attention to the unprotected figures of the enemy, the constrained position of his king, you will solve any problem. You can easily arrange all the positions on the chessboard, since the number of pieces in each position does not exceed 10.
    Good luck to you!
    The book is intended for chess players 2-3 digits <

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    This remarkable textbook is distinguished by the clarity of thought and the clarity of the presentation of the material, which is not surprising. After all, its author, an outstanding grandmaster Efim Bogolyubov was one of the strongest chess players of the twentieth century and twice fought in matches for the world chess crown. Beginner chess player quickly and easily learn the initial information about the game. Each topic is equipped with a set of diagrams. In the second part of the book there are short parts, where often described debut traps are described. Also, the strategic features of the most popular debuts were disassembled. Learn chess under the guidance of Bogolyubov! & Nbsp; Table of Contents & nbsp; Trailer

  • book

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    The brilliant Polish grandmaster Akiba Rubinstein made a significant contribution to the development of chess art. The principles of the positional school, proclaimed by V. Steinitz and developed in works
    З. Tarrasha, have achieved their ideal harmonious embodiment of
    in the work of "the great Akiba".
    30 Rubinstein parties that differ in utmost clarity and laity, constitute the quintessence of " creative achievements
    great maestro.

    For educational purposes, the material is distributed according to the thematic sections.

    For a wide range of chess lovers < / p>