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    The book is dedicated to the work of the strongest chess player of modern times, to the world champion, the owner of the highest rating Magnus Karlsen. The emphasis is on the teaching component. A separate chapter is devoted to the often used Norwegian genius such a delicate technique, as the "positional sacrifice of a pawn". In another chapter, the analysis of Karlsen's chess ideas is analyzed. His selected parties are listed with detailed comments of grandmasters (more than 100 examples), including matches for the world championship, including the victorious battle of 2016 against Sergei Karyakin. This work , according to the Spanish publishers of this book, perfectly complements the work of A. Mikhalchishin and O. Stetsko, 60 parties of the leader of the Soviet chess team. For a wide range of chess players.

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    The book is based on the selected materials published in the magazine & laquo; 64 & ndash; Chess Review & raquo; in 2017. Vladimir Kramnik, Vishy Anand, Levon Aronian, Shahriyar Mamedyarov, Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, Dean Lizhen, Peter Svidler, Alexander Grischuk, Ian Nepomnyashchiy, Dmitry Yakovenko, Nikita Vityugov, Radoslav Wojtaszek, Vladimir Fedoseev, Maxim Matlakov, Daniil Dubov, Vladislav Artemyev, Evgeny Naer, Emil Sutovsky and other top grandmasters. The collection includes reviews of the most significant competitions: a super tournament in St. Louis with Garry Kasparov, European and World team championships, the World Cup in Tbilisi, the personal World Women's Championship in Tehran, the stages of the FIDE Grand Prix, traditional tournaments in Wijk aan- Zee, Zurich, Shamkir, Poikovsky, Stavanger, London, etc. For a wide range of chess fans.

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  • The strongest chess player of the present, world champion, winner of the highest rating Magnus Carlsen and one of the world's leading chess players, winner Candidates Tournament Fabiano Caruana, the highest rating of which reached the exorbitant 2844. Barlov, Bernal, Vazquez, Co & quot; World champion Magnus Carlsen’s chess school & quot; A. Kalinin & quot; Fabiano Caruana. Chess lessons. XXI Century Super Grand Master & quot; With the purchase of this kit you pay 20% less than with the purchase of these same books separately! Saving 210 rub. Offer valid for the duration of the mast for the title of world chess champion, held in London between the current world champion from Norway by Magnus Carlsen and the challenger, an American of Italian descent, Fabiano Caruana (USA). & nbsp; Annotations and introductory fragments of books can be found on the links

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    The book of the English international master Richard Palliser, sacred to the attack of Torre, named for the Mexican grandmaster, with success that applied this debut in the game against the world champion Emanuel Lasker, which ended with the most famous "mill" in the history of chess. This debut is used by many elite chess players, and even the champion world Magnus Carlsen, which serves as a guarantee of his "quality". The book is built on the principle of a simulator - the reader periodically test questions are asked to consolidate the knowledge. Availability of presentation and emphasis on typical plans parties make it an ideal self-instruction for chess players of any level. Attack Torre - a kind of universal debut repertoire for white, its plus - to receive positions convenient for raffle with good chances of attack. Construct the outlines of the System on the board you can against almost any arrangement of black. For a wide range of chess fans.

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    The authors of the book, teachers of the highest category Vsevolod Kostrov and Nikolai Yakovlev, well known to chess lovers. According to their textbooks 20 In recent years, classes have been conducted in schools in different cities of Russia and abroad. Books are modern, any teacher or coach can work on them. AT In this textbook, the authors continue to familiarize young chess players with the wisdoms of the great ancient game. The book is designed for children who have already met with the basics of chess art and want to reach the level of 2-3 digits. Recommended for teachers in schools and children's art houses. For the widest range of children, parents and coaches

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  • The size of the board is 90 x 90 cm, the cells are 10 x 10 cm. The cells are light and dark green. Figures are plastic, yellow and brown. Figures are fastened in transparent pockets of fields boards.

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    In this book, the outstanding Danish grandmaster and successful chess writer Bent Larsen talks about the creative path of the American genius, world champion Robert Fisher. A special place is given to the memories of the time when Larsen was the second of the young Bobby. Important in the creative attitude of the party Fisher with the author's comments. For a wide range of chess lovers

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    On this legendary book several generations of chess players have grown up. A systematic course for dischargers, illustrated by numerous (1077) carefully chosen examples. Teachers and trainers can build their lessons with the help of this book fascinatingly, consistently mastering the strategy and tactics of the royal games. According to the absolute majority of specialists - the necessary book on shelf of any qualified chess player. One of the most important textbooks in chess literature.

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    Ex-vice-champion of Russia in correspondence game, international master V.M. Vysotsky re-analyzed 540 theoretical options described in the first edition and specified in this work 15 options. For coaches and shashists of the 2nd level and above.

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    The Italian expression dare il gambetto - "substitute the leg" - came into the everyday language of chess players as early as the end of the XVI century, when it was applied by the Spaniard Rui Lopez in his famous leadership. "Substituting a leg" means playing sharply and out of the ordinary at the very beginning of the game, sacrificing a pawn or even a figure in order to seize the initiative, quickly develop its attack and threaten the enemy king. Famous chess writer and master Anatoly Matsukevich invites you to the fascinating, bright world of gambit game. For a wide range of chess fans.
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    The book of the multiple world chess champion A. Karpov
    and the master A. Matsukevich is dedicated to one of the most profound
    and completely unexplored topics & mdash; searching for an algorithm for assessing the position of
    and, as a consequence, choosing the right plan.
    It is calculated for qualified chess players.

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    Large encyclopedic format The book of the famous chess writer Anatoly Matsukevich is an unusual textbook on playing debuts. For the first time in the world chess practice, 4,000 parties, no more than 12-13 moves in length, are systematized on debuts and are accompanied by useful, understandable explanations in any language. For a mass reader with minimal chess preparation.
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    The history of the development of chess in Moscow is traced. The parties of leading Moscow chess players are given.
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    The book of the multiple world chess champion A. Karpov and the master A. Matsukevich is devoted to one of the most profound and not fully studied topics - the search for an algorithm for assessing position and, as a result, choosing the right plan. Designed for qualified chess players




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    "This party is in the collection to Matsukevich!" So often talk about bright and instructive short fights on the chessboard. The surname of the author, a famous master, writer and journalist, a long-term presenter the rubric "Cafe 13" in the magazine "64", has long been a household name. Anatoly Alexandrovich collected the world's largest collection of miniatures, and is rightfully considered the largest specialist on the topic on which the book is written. Before you is a kind of textbook of the debut fight, which will help you not only to win quickly, but also not to lose quickly. For a wide range of chess fans.
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    1.е4 е5 2.Кf3 Кf6 3.Ке5 d6 4.Кf7 Где найти хороший диплом по доступной цене? Купить диплом цена на сайте, всегда доступные цены на дипломы

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    Играем 1.e4 e5 2.Кc3 Кc6 3.f4 ef 4.d4 Фh4 5.Kрe2!