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    Life and work of the first grandmaster of Belarus The name of Victor Davydovich Kupreichik (1949-2017) is on a par with such virtuosos of attacking chess as Adolf Andersen, Frank Marshall, Rudolf Shpilman, Rashid Nezhmetdinov and Mikhail Tal. Unlimited fantasy, pressure, thirst for struggle & laquo; to the last bullet & raquo; in all parties without exception & ndash; here are the hallmarks of the style of the first grandmaster of Belarus. Largely thanks to his achievements, the popularity of chess in the republic significantly increased, and Viktor Davydovich generously shared his knowledge and experience with the younger generation. & Nbsp; & nbsp; About the life and work of Grandmaster Viktor Kupreichik in this book are told by his relatives, friends and colleagues. Among them & ndash; world champions Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov, grandmasters Yuri Balashov, Gennady Sosonko, Boris Gelfand, Ilya Smirin, Vladimir Tukmakov, Evgeny Sveshnikov. & nbsp; For a wide range of chess lovers.

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    The last tournament triumph of the great Russian chess player Mi- Hail Ivanovich Chigorin & mdash; a brilliant victory in III All-Russia skom tournament that brought together all the color of domestic chess. Chigorin not only won the tournament, but was also the main author in the preparation of next track tournament collection. The book, published in 1904, was with love and very high quality. Officially published for its time, illustrated with photos and a separate group portrait of participants on coated paper. The success of the book contributed not only to its worthy design and a bright analytical work of Chigorin, but also a markedly increased class domestic masters. The legendary compilation of the III All-Russian tournament has long become a great orally inaccessible bibliographic rarities. Thanks to this & nbsp; reprint edition printed on a special paper with a print run of & nbsp; 500 copies, you have the opportunity to become acquainted with our invaluable chess, historical and literary heritage. & Nbsp; Fragment 1 Fragment 2 Tab

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    The author of the book, international master Maxim Chetverik, addresses an important aspect of chess theory regarding positional play. In the majority of works devoted to positional play, strategic elements are considered separately, while strategic plans (and, especially, confrontation of plans) are disassembled much less often. The works of the classics in this area are not outdated, but a modern view of the problem is useful, taking into account the connection between the middlegame and the actual theory of principles. There are 75 examples in the book, in each of which at least one partner bears the title of grandmaster. All games are played in the 21st century. Initially, strategic plans are considered against the backdrop of enemy defensive actions, then the active opposition of the parties as part of the positional game is studied. .For a wide range of chess lovers.

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    On coated paper. You have in your hands the first children's textbook on the Go board game, published in Russian. It will help to master the game from scratch in a week and make the learning process fun and exciting. The child will plunge into the world of adventure, will worry about the fate of treacherous pirates, solve interesting tasks with the heroes. Go & mdash; a unique way from an early age to develop logical and abstract thinking, memory and imagination, concentration and perseverance. Both hemispheres of the brain are involved in this game: for success they are needed as analytical thinking & mdash; ability to measure profits, calculate options, & mdash; and intuition & mdash; the ability to find harmony, build beautiful forms. Go's game is very popular among businessmen, politicians and scientists around the world. This game will not be taught at school, but you can give your child the opportunity to get to know it on their own. Snippet 1 Fragment 2 We also recommend: & nbsp;

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    This new book by the many-times world champion Anatoly Karpov and the author of more than fifty books, grandmaster Nikolay Kalinichenko, is devoted to one of the most complicated and strategically deep openings & mdash; the Queen's Gambit Declined. Using games played by the strongest grandmasters, it describes the interesting ideas which have appeared in the main development systems of this opening. Along with games from recent years, the book presents the most important encounters from the chess heritage. And of course, it includes games by Anatoly Karpov himself & mdash; a great expert on the Queen's Gambit, who generously shares with the reading his unique understanding of the concepts involved. The book is aimed at strong players, but it will also be of interest to a wide range of chess enthusiasts.

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    Genna Sosonko (Gennady Borisovich Sosonko, 1943) & mdash; international native grandmaster, two-time champion of Holland. Emigre- rampart from the Soviet Union in 1972 and since then lives in Amsterdam. Winner and winner of many international tournaments. Being renowned journalist and commentator, last quarter century devotes to literary work. According to the 13th world champion Garry Kasparov, today Genna Sosonko & mdash; & laquo; undisputed writing chess player number one & raquo ;. In his new book, which includes 32 pages of unique photos on coated paper, the author talks about secrets success in chess, about state leaders of the past and the present- who was somehow involved in the ancient game, and about the chosen ones Caissa & mdash; Capablanca, Alekhine, Fisher, Karpov and Kasparov. For a wide range of chess lovers. Snippet 1 Fragment 2

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    In the book of Professor N.Vaizman, N.P. for the first time in the popular science form, the problems of medical and psychological control in chess sport are substantiated. Describes altered states of consciousness leading to the loss of the seemingly won position and game, as well as other paradoxes of the chess game. Disadaptation and neurotic reactions of chess players, vascular disorders, as professional pathology of persons of mental labor are recorded. Electrophysiological studies of the brain during the game, the effects of doping and hypnosis in chess are considered. Psychiatric and psychotherapeutic recommendations are given. Other chess issues from medical-psychological positions are also discussed. The book will be interesting not only to qualified chess players, coaches, judges, teachers of chess at school, organizers of competitions, sports doctors and psychologists, but also parents of children involved in chess sports, as well as a wide range of chess fans. Fragment 1 Fragment 2

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    This book arose as a result of fruitful cooperation and solidarity, which always characterized the relations between the chess players of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. A number of exceptionally valuable and useful for improving chess players materials prepared for this book by renowned grandmasters E.Geller, V.Korchnoi, T.Petrosyan, B.Spassky, M.Tal, S.Gligorich. The book is a bibliographic rarity. Designed for a wide range of chess lovers.
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    Matches for the world champion title always cause increased sports interest, and game parties are included in the treasury of chess art, they are studied by contemporaries and descendants, they contribute to the improvement of many generations of chess players.
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    Mikhail Mikhailovich Yudovich & mdash; Honored trainer of the RSFSR, grandmaster and champion of the USSR in correspondence, an outstanding chess teacher and writer. In his book, he talks about the importance of a consistent game, about how chess players create and implement sound plans. The author raises such questions as the order of actions to achieve the goal, the real prerequisites of the plan, how the plan is created, etc. The book is illustrated by carefully selected examples.

    For a wide range of chess lovers.

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    A course of lectures for chess players who want to increase the strength of their game. 3 sections: history and theory of the debut, combination and positional game, theory and practice of the endgame. Each of them is written by a master of his craft! A great place in this textbook is occupied by exercises for independent work (answers at the end of the book). The authors were the leading popular television program in Russia.
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    `Chess School` - the name of this popular TV program at the time is familiar to very many. Her presenters responded to numerous requests and wrote this book. It is a course of lectures on game theory, intended for chess players who wish to improve their skills. There are three main sections in the book: `History and theory of debut` (M.M. Yudovich),` Combination and positional game` (A.A. Kotov), `Theory and practice of endgame` (Yu.L.Averbakh). An important place in this textbook is occupied by exercises for independent work, which develop and reinforce the knowledge acquired by readers. At the end of the book there are answers to the tasks and a short dictionary of the chess player.
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    Seventh Edition! “Chess school” - the name of this popular television program at one time is familiar to very many. Her presenters responded to numerous requests and wrote this book. It is a lecture course on game theory, intended for chess players who want to improve their skills. The book has three main sections: “History and Theory of Debut” (M. M. Yudovich), “Combination and Positional Game” (A. A. Kotov), “Theory and practice of the endgame” (Yu. L. Averbakh). A large place in this textbook is occupied by exercises for independent work, developing and consolidating the knowledge gained by readers. At the end of the book are the answers to the tasks and a brief dictionary of the chess player.
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    3rd edition, reduced format, interesting in chess. Autograph of the author.
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    2nd edition, answers to questions of beginners.
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    3rd edition, reduced format, interesting in chess.