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    A new book by a famous coach is devoted to such an important section of chess tactics as forced checkmate. Variants with continuous checks do not require special training; they are quite simple and understandable even for entry-level players. Through the prism of numerous checks, the reader can not only learn to flawlessly checkmate the opponent's king, but also gain basic knowledge of other techniques that will inevitably be required for further study of tactics. The book contains 1500 positions saturated with tactical resources, of which 1380 & ndash; for an independent solution. The tutorial is divided into 31 chapters, most of which are devoted to one specific tactical technique with a detailed explanation. Chapters titled 'Combinations' are designed to consolidate the passed material and test the acquired knowledge. The final chapter (120 positions) makes the book useful for chess players of even the highest level, since it is composed exclusively of difficult problems and is a universal test that checks the ability to put a forced checkmate. For a wide range of chess lovers.

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  • Magnetic road chess: folding board-case made of artificial leather, tablet-figures with a convex image. Wallet size 19x22 cm. The playing field is 15.5 x 15.5 cm. Cell 2x2 cm.

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  • The height of the king is 7.7 cm.

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A large collectible Premium chess computer Kasparov Renaissance SAITEK.
Made of precious wood LARGE touch board 52*52 cm

  • In excellent working condition;
  • A great gift for a professional and a chess lover or a collector;
  • Wooden figures;
  • The pleasure of playing and contemplation is guaranteed;
  • Powered by a power supply or batteries.

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