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    Do you have a limited time to study chess, and the greater part of it goes to the cramming of the debut options? Here's the solution: surprise your opponent with the first moves with the help of Elshad's debut for whites! In the innovative book of the most experienced trainer and master Igor Nemtsev a shocking approach to the game by whites in the opening is offered. The White King usually remains in the center, while the black monarch undergoes a rapid attack. In the book you will find games played against a number of powerful chess players, including Grandmasters A. Morozevich and S. Grigoryants. Each of you will have a chance to defeat absolutely any opponent! Faced with new challenges, your opponent will only have to be on his own strength, but do not remember the deep theory. Play Elshad's debut and experience what it's like & mdash; play a fresh battle chess! The book is essentially a continuation of the recently published work, where it was about how to deal with stronger opponents on the basis of Elshad's debut with black figures. Here we will talk about building your own repertoire on the basis of Elshad's debut by whites! Thus, having studied both books, you completely & will close & raquo; your debut repertoire against absolutely any opponent.

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    Acquaintance with typical victims in such a double-edged debut, as Sicilian defense, is absolutely necessary for a chess player, who wants to improve his skills. Author, participant of the seven World Chess Olympiad in the Canadian team demonstrates by illustrative examples how important initiative, attack, and dynamic factors are in chess. At the end of the book, positions are given for an independent decision. For a wide range of chess fans.

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    The vast majority of opening guides are written for adult readers. This book is also devoted to the theory but it is junior. The structure of the book is simple and attractive: openings are examined using examples from actual games, each of which is presented in the form of a lesson with its own name. Several such lessons form an opening theme, and the examination of each theme concludes with exercises. In each opening, attention is drawn to its characteristic tactical and strategic ideas of combinations for independent solution strictly corresponds to the opening theme. Written in clear and easy language, the book is furnished with a large number of diagrams. Colored explanatory arrows on the diagrams and the selection of individual pages with a colored background make the book easier to understand. Regular work solve two problems: deepen the student's knowledge and develop his tactical vision, thus improving his skill and results.

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    In this book, dedicated to the work of Aleksandr Alekhine, examples are arranged in chronological order. All charts are labeled & mdash; from 1 to 4. This classification will allow you to use the book as an assistant for trainers and educators in the classroom with your students, as well as for independent training. So, for the chess players of the initial ranks, we recommend that you first solve the positions marked & laquo; 1 & raquo;, and then, perhaps, try your hand at resolving the positions marked & laquo; 2 & raquo ;. Line items marked & laquo; 2 & raquo; recommended for decision by chess players of I category, and marked with & laquo; 3 & raquo; & mdash; candidates for the master. Marked & laquo; 4 & raquo; grouped positions illustrating intuitive combinations (in which options cannot be calculated with mathematical accuracy & raquo; and at some point you need to rely on the assessment of the odds of the parties prompted by the experience you have gained), positional victims and examples of tactical operations, the benefits of which must be determined using the positional assessment of the final positions. Snippet 1 Fragment 2

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    Book written by outstanding grandmaster Boris Gulko, the only champion in the history of both the USSR and the USA, a participant matches of applicants, and his student, professor of psychology Joel Snead, is dedicated to the connection of strategy and tactics, as well as Psychology of chess. In this book, Boris Gulko reveals in a fascinating way. the secrets of his skill and teaches Joel Snead wisdom royal game. In each installment, the reader is invited to decide. several tasks of different difficulty levels. This book will be useful not only to professionals, but also widely. to a circle of chess lovers.

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    Purpose of the book & mdash; to teach chess lovers opening combinations and traps. How to play at the beginning of the game? What should be done so as not to fall into the traps, and how to learn how to arrange them yourself? You will find the answers in this wonderful book. The author, the famous chess writer and coach, introduces the reader in a fascinating way to his collection of typical opening combinations and traps, which he has collected over many years. This edition combines both of the previous ones (including illustrations). For a wide range of chess lovers. Snippet 1 Fragment 2

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    On coated paper. You have in your hands the first children's textbook on the Go board game, published in Russian. It will help to master the game from scratch in a week and make the learning process fun and exciting. The child will plunge into the world of adventure, will worry about the fate of treacherous pirates, solve interesting tasks with the heroes. Go & mdash; a unique way from an early age to develop logical and abstract thinking, memory and imagination, concentration and perseverance. Both hemispheres of the brain are involved in this game: for success they are needed as analytical thinking & mdash; ability to measure profits, calculate options, & mdash; and intuition & mdash; the ability to find harmony, build beautiful forms. Go's game is very popular among businessmen, politicians and scientists around the world. This game will not be taught at school, but you can give your child the opportunity to get to know it on their own. Snippet 1 Fragment 2 We also recommend: & nbsp;

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    Italian Party & mdash; This is the cutting edge of modern chess. After a hundred years of oblivion, in the 21st century, she has pressed many other debuts, and today all the best chess players in the world play it. Her modern interpretation is full of new ideas, her theory has grown thanks to the studies of modern grandmasters, and this book attempts to reflect on the current state of this beginning. But this book is not just a collection of options for a fashionable debut, its main feature & mdash; a demonstration of key ideas and typical techniques in various positions of this debut, and each key idea is highlighted in the text. Thanks to this, the book can be used as a strategy textbook in & laquo; Italian & raquo; positions (there is even a head of the "Italian endgame"). A separate section of the book is devoted to the major problem of modern chess & mdash; obtaining similar & laquo; Italian & raquo; positions from other openings. The book will be interesting to chess players of the most varied qualifications.

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    Fourteenth world champion Vladimir Kramnik is a prominent representative of the classical trend in chess. His work harmoniously combines a subtle understanding of position, immaculate possession of combination weapons and perfected endgame technology. The 30 games of V. Kramnik, presented in this book and commented on by grandmaster S. Guliyev, will give readers a great aesthetic pleasure. For educational purposes, the parties are divided into thematic sections, each of which is provided with a brief introduction Fragment 1 Fragment 2

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    The last tournament triumph of the great Russian chess player Mi- Hail Ivanovich Chigorin & mdash; a brilliant victory in III All-Russia skom tournament that brought together all the color of domestic chess. Chigorin not only won the tournament, but was also the main author in the preparation of next track tournament collection. The book, published in 1904, was with love and very high quality. Officially published for its time, illustrated with photos and a separate group portrait of participants on coated paper. The success of the book contributed not only to its worthy design and a bright analytical work of Chigorin, but also a markedly increased class domestic masters. The legendary compilation of the III All-Russian tournament has long become a great orally inaccessible bibliographic rarities. Thanks to this & nbsp; reprint edition printed on a special paper with a print run of & nbsp; 500 copies, you have the opportunity to become acquainted with our invaluable chess, historical and literary heritage. & Nbsp; Fragment 1 Fragment 2 Tab

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Analyse du jeu des echecs/Анализ шахматной игры

  • Author(s): Philidor
  • Language: французский
  • Size: уменьшенный
  • Binding: твердый

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Одна из крупных заслуг Филидора состоит в том, что, в отличие от своих предшественников, он подверг дебюты систематическому научному исследованию. При этом, не ограничиваясь анализом отдельных дебютных возможностей, он стремился ныяснить общую ценность того или иного дебюта. Так, например, Филидор полагал, что после 1.е4 е5 ход 2. Bс4 заслуживает предпочтения перед 2. Nf3. К этому выводу он пришел на основании своих наблюдений относительно слабости пункта f7, который, по его мнению, следует стараться как можно скорее атаковать, а также на том основании, что 2. Nf3 препятствует продвижению f2-f4. Правда, продвижение это на 2-м ходу он сам считал слабым, но в позднейшей стадии оно представлялось ему вполне уместным. Исходя из тех же соображений, в ответ на 1.е4 е5 2. Nf3 он рекомендовал за черных 2...d6 (так называемая «защита Филидора» ) как наилучшую подготовку к f7-f5. В настоящее время 2. Nf3 считается более сильным, чем 2. Bс4, что же касается защиты (после 2. Nf3) 2...d6, то она признается возможной, хотя и дающей черным трудную игру, - нo, во всяком случае, не в ее первоначальной форме, т.е. в связи с 3...f5. To, что современная теория отвергла эти дебютные идеи Филидора, отнюдь не умaляет его заслуг. В области дебютов он проложил новые пути: он первый, исходя из общих принципов, пытался доказать превосходство одного дебюта перед другим. Как мы уже указывали, однако, главный вклад Филидора в шахматное искусство состоит не в этом. Гораздо большее значение имеют разработанные им общие методы и его теория пешечной игры, и в наше время еще сохранившая силу. Вот почему мы должны признать Филидора создателем позиционного метода, т.е. такого способа игры, который основан не на точном расчете огромного числа вариантов, а на общих принципах и правилах. В своем капитальном труде "Analyse des echecs» Филидор на материале примерно 9 тщательно проанилизированных им партий обосновывает свои правила. Далее он рассматривает некоторые эндшпили, причем и здесь его анализы до сих пор сохранили значение. Во второй части своего труда он излагает свой способ достижения мата слоном и конем, признаваемый и современной теорией самым логичным и сильным. Приведем одну партию из учебника Филидора, отлично иллюстрирующую его теорию пешечной игры. Примечания, заключеиные нами в кавычки, принадежат Филидору.

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