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  • Made in Holland. Chess computer "Centaur" easy to use. You can easily install any language. Using the touch panel  40x40 cm (cell size 48 x 48 mm) you can easily move the figures. The sensors will record strokes. The board has a capacious rechargeable internal battery. The uniqueness of the computer is that it quickly adapts to  your playing strength (from beginner to grandmaster) so that you have the right opponent. Centaur will help you analyze the game so as not to make the same mistakes and improve your chess skill. Please note, computer is not compatible to connect to your PC or online chess. The set includes USB cable and DGT electronic chess pieces . Height of the king is 86mm.  

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    The 2012 World Vice-Champion continues his story, begun in the best-selling books Positional Decision Making in Chess. ("Book of the Year" according to the English Chess Federation), "Dynamic Decision Making in Chess" and "Technical Decision Making in Chess." The new book discusses ways to make decisions in positions without minor pieces. The reader will get acquainted with rook and queen endings, as well as with what Romanovsky called the "fourth stage", that is, the late middlegame / early endgame, where only heavy pieces remain on the board. «Gelfand is very good– and very honest – explains what decisions he was able to calculate and what he had to make on the basis of general reasoning, and how he did it. This resulted in a book of the type that I love. A chess player of any strength can find a lot of useful things here. (Grandmaster Matthew Sadler, reviewer of novelties in chess literature in the magazine "New in Chess"). For a wide range of chess lovers.

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    Like other titles in the Training Program for Chess Players series, this volume is both an excellent textbook for independent study and a powerful training aid for chess coaches. In the view of many experts, no better work of this kind has ever been written. coach and Master of Sport. Golenishchev's programs are still considered. critically important and are successfully employed in chess schools. His teaching methods remain popular in Russia and around the world. Supervised by Editor-in-Chief and former Karpov, this new edition of Golenishchev's classic work is updated to include important games from the recent high-level chess competitions, reflecting modern approaches to the game. OPENING Fragment 1 OPENING Fragment 2

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    The book by grandmaster and experienced coach Alexander Galkin is  the final link in a series of publications by the author, directed  to study the classical endgame using examples of modern games   grandmasters. This time the subject of the study – light piece endgames. Clarification of the methodology for working on this stage of the game, as well as the main features and methods of playing such endings. Examples  taken from the practice of modern grandmasters and dated back to 2020-2023. The author offers the reader the most recent and unique information. The material is structured in such a way that the reader can get the maximum  benefit from studying the examples offered by the author  queen endings and its  other derivatives. The book is aimed at advanced chess players, is useful for coaches and can be recommended to a wide range of chess fans

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    This new book by the many-times world champion Anatoly Karpov and the author of more than fifty books, grandmaster Nikolay Kalinichenko, is devoted to one of the most complicated and strategically deep openings & mdash; the Queen's Gambit Declined. Using games played by the strongest grandmasters, it describes the interesting ideas which have appeared in the main development systems of this opening. Along with games from recent years, the book presents the most important encounters from the chess heritage. And of course, it includes games by Anatoly Karpov himself & mdash; a great expert on the Queen's Gambit, who generously shares with the reading his unique understanding of the concepts involved. The book is aimed at strong players, but it will also be of interest to a wide range of chess enthusiasts.

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    In the vast ocean of chess literature there are relatively few books about the endgame, and only a few of them can be considered true chess classics. And the most outstanding among the classics — Reuben Fine's book "Basic Chess Endings". Reuben Fine (1914−1993) was for a long time one of the best chess players in the world. As an author, Fine showed himself to be an excellent analyst who understood the full depth and peculiarities of the endgame. Having studied various types of standard positions, Fine established useful rules for practical play and proved himself to be an experienced teacher who, using skillfully chosen examples, was able to teach the reader all the necessary lessons and introduce him to the basic ideas of the endgame. Many generations of chess players in different countries of the world keep copies of “Basic Chess Endings”. For example, Mikhail Botvinnik considered Fine's work the most worthy of all that had ever been written on endgame theory.

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    The vast majority of opening guides are written for adult readers. This book is also devoted to the theory but it is junior. The structure of the book is simple and attractive: openings are examined using examples from actual games, each of which is presented in the form of a lesson with its own name. Several such lessons form an opening theme, and the examination of each theme concludes with exercises. In each opening, attention is drawn to its characteristic tactical and strategic ideas of combinations for independent solution strictly corresponds to the opening theme. Written in clear and easy language, the book is furnished with a large number of diagrams. Colored explanatory arrows on the diagrams and the selection of individual pages with a colored background make the book easier to understand. Regular work solve two problems: deepen the student's knowledge and develop his tactical vision, thus improving his skill and results.

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    New, significantly enlarged edition of the famous book - 75 games. Anatoly Karpov is the greatest expert on Caro-Kann defense. He scored many bright victories in it, playing both white and black. In this paper, the multiple world champion talks about the most important and interesting discoveries made in the Caro-Kann defense. Many examples from modern practice are given.

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  • Reprint of a large badge (4 cm x 3.5 cm) dedicated to the failed match between Karpov and Fischer in 1975. The original was issued in an edition of  in several signal specimens (only specimens from the collection of A. Karpov and the Central House of Art Museum are known). 

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Puzzle games for PDAs

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«Мозаика». Цель игры — передвигая фрагменты картинки нажатием стилуса на каждый из них рядом с пустой ячейкой, собрать данную картинку целиком. Особенность этой игры состоит в том, что Вы можете сами устанавливать количество фрагментов, составляющих картинку. «Pacman». Это классический pacman, В этой игре необходимо убегать от монстров, съедая витамины, при этом есть бонусы. Если Вы съедите бонус-биту, то Вы сами можете некоторое время есть монстров, а съеденные Вами бонус-часики уменьшают скорость передвижения монстров. «Классические пятнашки». Цель игры — передвигая фишки с числами нажатием стилуса на фишку рядом с пустой ячейкой, собрать их в исходную последовательность. Особенность этой игры в том, что, во-первых, Вы можете сами устанавливать размер поля (от 3×3 до 6×6), а, во-вторых, можете одним нажатием стилуса передвинуть сразу несколько подряд стоящих фишек. Выигрышной комбинацией является такая, при которой все фишки выставлены по порядку, причем пустая ячейка стоит последней. «Puzzle». Вы считаете, что у Вас хорошая память? Тогда сыграйте в нашу игру-головоломку. Цель игры следующая: воссоздать целую картинку из ее фрагментов, хаотично разбросанных по игровому полю. «Властелин камней». Цель юры — занять наибольшую область. Игроки ходят по очереди. Флажок игрока, который ходит, подсвечен. При нажатии на шар можно увидеть область, в которой Вы можете сделать ход. Если Вы ходите в соседнюю ячейку, то Ваш шар в нее копируется, в противном случае — просто перемещается. Если после Вашего хода рядом с Вашим шаром оказываются шары противника, то эти шары переходят к Вам. Игра идет до заполнения всего поля или до невозможности одному из игроков сделать ход. Внимание! Программа, записанная на данном диске, предназначена для запуска только на КПК (карманном компьютере), работающем под операционной системой Windows и неработоспособна на обычном персональном компьютере! Данная программа загружается на КПК стандартными средствами загрузки с использованием настольного персонального компьютера или ноутбука. Детальная информация Носитель: 1 CD Язык интерфейса: Русский Минимальные системные требования: Системные требования для КПК: Windows Mobile 2003 SE/5; Процессор 400 МГц или выше; Стилус; Цветной дисплей; Разрешение экрана 240х320 точек. Системные требования для ПК: Windows 98/2000/XP; Pentium 400 МГц или выше; 32 Мб оперативной памяти; Видеокарта; Разрешение экрана 800х600 с глубиной цвета 32 бита; Средства соединения мобильного телефона с настольным ПК (кабель, ИК-порты, Bluetooth или другое оборудование); 8-ми скоростное устройство для чтения компакт-дисков; Клавиатура; Мышь. Издательство Медиа Арт Паблишер, Россия, все товары

Program & quot; Chess School & quot; Designed for children and adults taking their first steps in chess. The program is perfect for both individual instruction and for working in classes with a large number of students. The training material was prepared by the honored trainer of Russia, Grandmaster Yuri Razuvaev, who in the 70s was one of the trainers of Anatoly Karpov. It includes three large independent courses that can be studied both sequentially and selectively. In the course & quot; Chess Rules & quot; Extensive theoretical material has been compiled, supported by practical tasks. The student is invited, firstly, to learn the rules and techniques of the game. Course & quot; Developing Intellectual Abilities & quot; develops imagination, logical thinking and concentration. With the course & quot; Playing with the program & quot; you consolidate the acquired skills and hone your skills in battles with the computer. At & quot; Chess School & quot; built-in game program, which assumes a game from any position at various levels.

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