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    Chess is the royal game that the chess king will teach you - the multiple world champion Anatoly Karpov.         You will learn about the manners and habits of the figures, learn how to aggressively attack and defend yourself in cold blood. You will get acquainted with many tricks and traps that can be put to careless rivals and, equally important, you will learn how to not get into them yourself.         Having traveled through the pages of this book, you with the help of a great chess player prepare for your first chess battle - against your mom or dad, friend or computer, on the Internet or in competition.         The book will allow your child to master the rules of the game, help him to win not only in chess, but in life. After chess develops assiduity, logical thinking and memory, they learn to rationally use time.         According to this textbook, teachers, coaches or parents, even with minimal chess preparation, will be able to teach children the basics of a wise game.         The book is colorfully framed and will be a wonderful gift to someone who wants to learn an ancient and wise game.

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    The book of the outstanding Soviet grandmaster and literary writer Aleksei Sandra Kotova is devoted to the most important aspect of improving chess player & mdash; tactics. As you know, 90% of success in modern chess brings tactical vigilance and imagination. Therefore, when you study this tutorial, you will definitely increase the power of your game. The book was previously published in England, in English it is published for the first time. For a wide range of chess lovers. STUDENT FRAGMENT 1 STUDENT FRAGMENT 2

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  • Electronic chess clock, recommended by FIDE. DGT 2010 appeared in 2007, and in June 2008, after testing by high-profile arbitrators who concluded that the clock met all the rules of the organization, received the status of "official FIDE watches". * setting various time controls, including Fisher and Bronstein controls (with the addition of time) * attractive design * convenient display and buttons * turning on / off the sound signal * pause

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  • Glass chess. High-strength glass, resistant to scratches. Figures easily slide on the board. Size 62x40x41 cm. Weight 2.2 kg.

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    Before you - the continuation of the legendary book, which was eagerly awaited by Russian-speaking chess fans around the world. Alexei Shirov, the repeated contender for the title of world champion and one of the brightest and most distinct grandmasters of our time, in detail and captivatingly comments on his best games, saturated with tactical fireworks and extraordinary moves. & laquo; This boy already thinks better than me & raquo ;, & mdash; said about his young student Michael Tal. "Thanks to his combative fury, Shirov can be considered one of Tal's direct heirs ... & raquo ;, writes the famous grand master J.Spilman. In comparison with the English edition, the book is supplemented by the parties of recent years. For a wide range of chess fans.

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    Foreword by Gennady Sosonko. Efim Petrovich Geller - one of the key figures of the chess scene second half of the twentieth century. For several decades he was one of the leading grandmasters of the world, six times competitions contenders for the world crown, seven times became the Olympic champion, twice - the champion of the USSR. The unchallenged authority of Geller-researcher was recognized by all World champions, starting with Euwe. Many of his ideas have not lost Nowadays, modern players use them in their own practice. In front of you is the most complete meeting of parties of outstanding chess player with his author's comments. Many duels (and all their 135!) have never been published in Russian literature before. Italic notes are given by the special editor, international master Maxim Notkin, with refinements of estimates and options found at help modern computer programs. There is no doubt that studying the work of an outstanding grandmaster help a wide range of readers to significantly increase the level of games and get real pleasure from brilliant parties.

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    The book is based on the selected materials published in the magazine & laquo; 64 & ndash; Chess Review & raquo; in 2017. Vladimir Kramnik, Vishy Anand, Levon Aronian, Shahriyar Mamedyarov, Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, Dean Lizhen, Peter Svidler, Alexander Grischuk, Ian Nepomnyashchiy, Dmitry Yakovenko, Nikita Vityugov, Radoslav Wojtaszek, Vladimir Fedoseev, Maxim Matlakov, Daniil Dubov, Vladislav Artemyev, Evgeny Naer, Emil Sutovsky and other top grandmasters. The collection includes reviews of the most significant competitions: a super tournament in St. Louis with Garry Kasparov, European and World team championships, the World Cup in Tbilisi, the personal World Women's Championship in Tehran, the stages of the FIDE Grand Prix, traditional tournaments in Wijk aan- Zee, Zurich, Shamkir, Poikovsky, Stavanger, London, etc. For a wide range of chess fans.

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    Cardinally revised and supplemented edition of the famous debut multi-volume & ndash; desktop edition Russian (and not only!) amateurs and professionals of Russian drafts. Author & ndash; vice-champion of Russia in the correspondence game, international master V.M. Vysotsky. The first volume of the encyclopedia is dedicated to the beginnings arising after the move of the white 1.c3-b4, and includes an overview of the following debuts: Classic jamb, Seyzneva Cant, Sargin Cant, > A jamb with a change for g5 and a jamb of Perelman. For a wide range of checkers fans.

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    In this famous book the famous chess master, Honored trainer of the USSR Sokolsky simple and affordable language tells about the principles of the debut and the middle of the game. A special value of the book was the deep analysis of the set parties, along with expressive and understandable comments. Alexei Pavlovich Sokolsky was an explorer and theoretician, one of the read chess players on Earth, whose name is named debut. For many years he was the coach and second of the illustrious grandmaster Isaak Boleslavsky, as well as a teacher who worked with young players. Our edition will be an excellent tool for chess players 3-1 ranks and will allow them to significantly enhance their skills!

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    The book of the English international master Richard Palliser, sacred to the attack of Torre, named for the Mexican grandmaster, with success that applied this debut in the game against the world champion Emanuel Lasker, which ended with the most famous "mill" in the history of chess. This debut is used by many elite chess players, and even the champion world Magnus Carlsen, which serves as a guarantee of his "quality". The book is built on the principle of a simulator - the reader periodically test questions are asked to consolidate the knowledge. Availability of presentation and emphasis on typical plans parties make it an ideal self-instruction for chess players of any level. Attack Torre - a kind of universal debut repertoire for white, its plus - to receive positions convenient for raffle with good chances of attack. Construct the outlines of the System on the board you can against almost any arrangement of black. For a wide range of chess fans.

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SPECIAL OFFER. Classics of the Chess World. François F.A. Philidor, R. Reti, P. Keres. Three books for the price of two!

Publisher: Olimpia press
  • Publisher: Olimpia press
  • Author(s): Henkin, Heuer
  • Language: Russian
  • Size: normal
  • Volume: 376, 336 и 464 стр.
  • Binding: solid
  • Series: Classics of the Chess World

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Предлагаем Вашему вниманию три книги о выдающихся мастерах шахматного искусства. У нас вы можете приобрести комплект из трех книг по цене двух. 1. Капитальный труд рассказывает о жизни и творчестве выдающегося французского шахматиста и музыканта Франсуа Андре Даникана Филидора, основоположника современной теории шахмат и одного из создателей комической оперы. Вошедшие в издание материалы представляют как исторический, так и большой практический интерес. В частности, знаменитый учебник Филидора «Анализ шахматной игры», внимание к которому не ослабевает уже несколько столетий, впервые полностью публикуется на русском языке. Также в книге собраны все сохранившиеся до наших дней партии великого мастера, большая часть которых заново прокомментирована. Любителей историко-приключенческой литературы привлечет отрывок из романа В. Хенкина Одиссея шахматного автомата, ярко воссоздающий атмосферу шахматной жизни Франции и Англии второй половины XVIII века. Для широкого круга любителей шахмат. 2. Новая книга шахматного мастера и литератора Анатолия Мацукевича посвящена творчеству замечательного чехословацкого гроссмейстера Рихарда Рети (1889-1929), новатора и художника древней игры, одного из тех, кто оказывал главное влияние на развитие шахмат в первой трети двадцатого столетия. Идеи Рихарда Рети современны и в наши дни. 3. Книга о жизни, становлении и творчестве великого сына эстонского народа, выдающегося шахматиста П. Кереса. Интересен фон - шахматная жизнь независимой Эстонии до 1940 г. и Европы до начала Второй мировой войны и во время ее. Интересны творческие характеристики других выдающихся шахматистов, партнеров Кереса - Алехина, Капабланки, Решевского, Файна, Эйве. Особый интерес вызывает сопоставление творчества молодых тогда еще П. Кереса и М. Ботвинника. Приводятся партии с комментариями П.Кереса Для широкого круга читателей.

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