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    Under the editorship by V. Kudryavtsev

    The gift album is dedicated to the works of the Soviet artist Galina Satonina (1905-2000). A student of vivid representatives of the Kazan avant-garde & raquo; in the person of K. Chebotarev - A. Platunov, she found her innovative way in painting and original performing technique. And life in chess prompted many champions of the Kazan and Tatarstan chess main theme in the work of Satonina: "Chess is a realistic fairy tale". The illustrated edition presents the most significant works of the artist from the collection "Russian Chess House", whose talent is widely known both in our country and abroad. Designed for fans of painting and chess.

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  • The size of the board is 70 x 70 cm, the cells are 8 x 8 cm. The cells are light and blue. Plastic figures with a magnet, black and red. Carrying and storage pouch.

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  • Quartz chess clock & nbsp; Size of watch: 6.5 * 18 cm. Height 12 cm. Weight 380 g. Powered by one AA battery (included) Plastic enclosure

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    The book of the English international master Richard Palliser, sacred to the attack of Torre, named for the Mexican grandmaster, with success that applied this debut in the game against the world champion Emanuel Lasker, which ended with the most famous "mill" in the history of chess. This debut is used by many elite chess players, and even the champion world Magnus Carlsen, which serves as a guarantee of his "quality". The book is built on the principle of a simulator - the reader periodically test questions are asked to consolidate the knowledge. Availability of presentation and emphasis on typical plans parties make it an ideal self-instruction for chess players of any level. Attack Torre - a kind of universal debut repertoire for white, its plus - to receive positions convenient for raffle with good chances of attack. Construct the outlines of the System on the board you can against almost any arrangement of black. For a wide range of chess fans.

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    In the book "The System of Zaitsev in the Spanish Party" Alexei Kuzmin summarizes the results of joint work with the author of the system - Igor Zaitsev, whom their duet conducted while helping Karpov, and analytical work during his cooperation with Alexander Morozevich. The author shows the current state of the current System and, demonstrating a large number of new ideas, outlines the ways of its development. Two chapters are devoted to the new strategic direction of black counterplay, connected with early exchange on d4 and the subsequent attack of the center. The author calls this option Saratov. The book for the first time generalizes the material already accumulated on it, and the analysis done by the author allows us to "look into the future" a bit. The parties' strategic plans are explained, which makes the book useful to a wide range of readers.

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    Chess is the royal game that the chess king will teach you - the multiple world champion Anatoly Karpov.         You will learn about the manners and habits of the figures, learn how to aggressively attack and defend yourself in cold blood. You will get acquainted with many tricks and traps that can be put to careless rivals and, equally important, you will learn how to not get into them yourself.         Having traveled through the pages of this book, you with the help of a great chess player prepare for your first chess battle - against your mom or dad, friend or computer, on the Internet or in competition.         The book will allow your child to master the rules of the game, help him to win not only in chess, but in life. After chess develops assiduity, logical thinking and memory, they learn to rationally use time.         According to this textbook, teachers, coaches or parents, even with minimal chess preparation, will be able to teach children the basics of a wise game.         The book is colorfully framed and will be a wonderful gift to someone who wants to learn an ancient and wise game.

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    Creativity of the ninth world champion Tigran Petrosyan is a bright and original page of chess art. Petrosyan's unique style of playing was distinguished by strategic depth, a subtle understanding of the position and an inimitable art of prevention. At the same time, the ninth world champion possessed an excellent sense of dynamics and sharp combination eyesight, as confirmed by the numerous diamond parties included in this collection. T. Petrosyan's works, commented on by him, will become an excellent guide for studying the positional games. For educational purposes, the parties are divided into thematic sections, each of which is preceded by a short introduction.

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    Before you well-proven work of two experienced coaches on work with young chess players. The book consists of two parts. The first is devoted to chess basics. It gives many examples and homework assignments, which allows children to study independently and in a relatively short time pass the course of primary education. The second part is devoted to the basics of chess tactics and introduces to the characteristic techniques and motivations of the combination game, allowing to master its basic elements in a short time. The location of the topics studied in the form of lessons with examples for a self-help solution contributes to consistent mastery of the material. The textbook will be useful for all young chess players both for independent study, and for working together with a coach or parents, as well as for all beginners to learn chess.

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III Всероссийский шахматный турнир - Сборник партий турнира с отчетом о турнире, группою и портретами участников и видами Киева. Примечания к партиям под редакцией М.И.Чигорина

Publisher: Chess review
  • Publisher: Chess review
  • Author(s): Chigorin
  • Language: Русский
  • Size: Стандартный
  • Binding: Твердый
  • DateOfIssue: 1904

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Во владельческом коленкоровом переплете с иллюстрированной издательской обложкой, наклеенной поверх передней крышки. В хорошем состоянии. Все партии турнира (Киев, 1903, I место - Чигорин) с описаниями туров. Вступительная статья с программой и условиями турнира. Последний турнирый триумф основоположника отечественной шахматной школы, одного из сильнейших шахматистов мира своего времени Михаила Ивановича Чигорина (1850-1908). Редкость! Мысль об организации III-го Всероссийского шахматного турнира явилась в Киевском Шахматном Обществе .летом 1901 года, вскоре после II-го Всероссшскаго турнира, происходившего в Москве (в Московском Шахматном Кружке) с 26 декабря 1900 г. по 14 января 1901 г. Но только что основанное Киевское Шахматное Общество не сразу достигло возможности приступить к действительной организации турнира, и мысль о нем, едва появившись, стихла. Однако через год — летом 1902 года — мысль о турнире снова возродилась в Киевском Обществе и на этот раз уже с более солидными шансами на свое осуществление. Принятая сочувственно повсюду, идея турнира в Киеве нашла горячую поддержку в Шахматном Обозрении. Эта работа общими силами пошла настолько успешно, что уже к концу 1902 года выяснилась полная возможность организовать турнир.



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