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  • Time control without adding. Pause. Sound signal. Size 14 x 9 x 5 cm. Weight with batteries 150 g. Powered by one AA-type battery (supplied)

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  • The size of the board is 70 x 70 cm, the cells are 8 x 8 cm. The cells are light and blue. Plastic figures with a magnet, black and red. Carrying and storage pouch.

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  • Автор:

    The publication of this book is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the birth of the honored coach of the USSR, Russia and Georgia, Mark Izrailevich Dvoretsky (1947-2016). The first part of the collection & ndash; memories of students, relatives, friends and colleagues, including world champions. Second & ndash; selected parties Butler with comments grandmasters and masters. The third part tells about sketchwork, which was highly appreciated by the outstanding coach. The final part consists of the last articles and the interview of Mark Dvoretsky. Foreword by Garry Kasparov. For a wide range of chess fans.

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  • Автор:

    Учебник, который вы держите в руках, автор готовил долго и тща- тельно, отбирая наиболее методически ценные, поучительные и зани- мательные позиции. Шахматные загадки из этой книги помогут вам развить фантазию, позиционное чутье и оценить уровень своего комбинационного дарования. «Автор книги, международный мастер Михал Конопка, не только сильный практический игрок, но и высококвалифицированный тренер», пишет в предисловии один из сильнейших гроссмейстеров мира Давид Навара. Пан Михал считает, что наибольший резерв в совершенствовании шахматиста заложен не столько в накоплении знаний, сколько в разви- тии собственного мышления и фантазии. Любой квалифицированный игрок и тренер получит массу удовольствия и пользы от прекрасно подобранного материала. Вместо повторения прописных истин автор удивит читателя россыпью оригинальных находок!

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  • Автор:

    The book is dedicated to the work of the strongest chess player of modern times, to the world champion, the owner of the highest rating Magnus Karlsen. The emphasis is on the teaching component. A separate chapter is devoted to the often used Norwegian genius such a delicate technique, as the "positional sacrifice of a pawn". In another chapter, the analysis of Karlsen's chess ideas is analyzed. His selected parties are listed with detailed comments of grandmasters (more than 100 examples), including matches for the world championship, including the victorious battle of 2016 against Sergei Karyakin. This work , according to the Spanish publishers of this book, perfectly complements the work of A. Mikhalchishin and O. Stetsko, 60 parties of the leader of the Soviet chess team. For a wide range of chess players.

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  • Автор:

    Famous grandmaster, writer and trainer Sarhan Guliyev, together with his brother, an international master and FIDE trainer Logman Guliyev, wrote an interesting and informative textbook in the style of the classic work of V. Gort and B Yansy & laquo; Together with Grandmasters & raquo; The reader is invited to find the best move in completely diverse positions that affect the entire spectrum of the strategic and tactical arsenal of the modern chess player. Not in every instance is it possible to count the correct decision to the end, but any of them omozhet learn to find combinations in Mittag telshpile, true to plan & mdash; in the endgame, as well as avoiding standard errors. Points are awarded for correct decisions. For the convenience of the solution, are placed at the end of the book, detailed and supplemented with additional diagrams. Increased format (170 × 240 mm).

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  • Автор:

    Первый русский чемпион мира Александр Алехин вошел в историю не только как победитель множества турниров и матчей и создатель сотен шедевров шахматного творчества. Он также по праву считается одним из самых выдающихся аналитиков всех времен. Комментарии Алехина отличают глубина и объективность, ясное изложение заключенных в позиции идей. В этом издании впервые собраны ВСЕ партии Алехина с авторскими примечаниями. Многие из них в настоящее время можно найти только в старых журналах, некоторые ранее не публиковались на русском языке. В редакционных примечаниях учтены достижения современного компьютерного анализа. Четвертым томом издательство "Русский шахматный дом" завершает выпуск фундаментально собрания творчества гениального русского маэстро. Для широкого круга любителей шахмат

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  • The size of the board is 90 x 90 cm, the cells are 10 x 10 cm. The cells are light and dark green. Figures are plastic, yellow and brown. Figures are fastened in transparent pockets of fields boards.

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  • Автор:

    The book consists of test-positions and their solutions. All of them are taken from the parties of Alexander Morozevich, one of the brightest grandmasters of the beginning of the XXI century. Decisions are given in the form of detailed commentary fragments of parties; some of the most famous fights are shown in full. Tasks of different levels of complexity are intended, first of all, for training the calculation of options and the ability to make non-standard, original solutions. The reader will also check and develop his tactical vigilance. For a wide range of chess fans.

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The Spanish Party for Bologna for Black. How to play black wins in the debut of Rui Lopez

изд: Andrew Elkow
  • ISBN: 978-5-906254-45-0
  • Издательство: Andrew Elkow
  • Автор(ы): Bologan
  • Language: Russian
  • Size: Enlarged 25 x 18
  • Volume: 560
  • Binding: Solid
  • DateOfIssue: 2017

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The Spanish party is one of the most popular debuts at the club level and among top-level players. In this volume, Viorel Bologan presents a modern repertoire for blacks, based on the beloved lines of Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian. "The Spanish Party for Bologna for Blacks" is a clearly structured book, with understandable comments and a playful set of responses against the Spanish Party. The author offers two different answers to black for each significant line. In fact, these are two books in one! In the center of Bologan's proposed repertoire is the attack of Marshall (8 ... d5) and the Breyer variant (9 ... Cb8). The author leads the reader on the debut lines with a firm hand, not letting go astray, using a systematic approach. His book is this: - a guide for those who have little time to prepare; - "Arsenal of strategic ideas": how pawn structures ask the theme of the party; - "Fast" repertoire (in each chapter): the minimum you need to know; - new ideas in old lines; - modern tactical motives; - permutations of moves and related subtleties; - a lot of practical advice; - links to more than 2,200 parties.

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