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    The book tells about the chess way of Grandmaster Alexandra Goryachkina. The reader will learn about how a young athlete from chess remote provinces successfully went to storm the most prestigious tournaments, won the children's championships of Russia, Europe and the world, then entered in the adult national team of the country and has achieved the greatest successes in the process professional chess. Authors share the secrets of successful workouts from Alexandra and her parents, suggest what problems can expect young talents on the road to success. The book provides many details commented on chess pieces, revealing the creator Grandmaster’s image. For a wide range of chess lovers.

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    This new book by the many-times world champion Anatoly Karpov and the author of more than fifty books, grandmaster Nikolay Kalinichenko, is devoted to one of the most complicated and strategically deep openings & mdash; the Queen's Gambit Declined. Using games played by the strongest grandmasters, it describes the interesting ideas which have appeared in the main development systems of this opening. Along with games from recent years, the book presents the most important encounters from the chess heritage. And of course, it includes games by Anatoly Karpov himself & mdash; a great expert on the Queen's Gambit, who generously shares with the reading his unique understanding of the concepts involved. The book is aimed at strong players, but it will also be of interest to a wide range of chess enthusiasts.

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    Chess is the royal game that the chess king will teach you - the multiple world champion Anatoly Karpov.         You will learn about the manners and habits of the figures, learn how to aggressively attack and defend yourself in cold blood. You will get acquainted with many tricks and traps that can be put to careless rivals and, equally important, you will learn how to not get into them yourself.         Having traveled through the pages of this book, you with the help of a great chess player prepare for your first chess battle - against your mom or dad, friend or computer, on the Internet or in competition.         The book will allow your child to master the rules of the game, help him to win not only in chess, but in life. After chess develops assiduity, logical thinking and memory, they learn to rationally use time.         According to this textbook, teachers, coaches or parents, even with minimal chess preparation, will be able to teach children the basics of a wise game.         The book is colorfully framed and will be a wonderful gift to someone who wants to learn an ancient and wise game.

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    The book written by the fifth world chess champion Max / Euwe, is devoted to the answer to the question: why does one chess player of the level master and higher defeats the other. On the example of parties between strong masters and grand masters < A detailed analysis of the ideological content of the struggle is conducted, with the emphasis being on motivating decision-making. The mistakes made by strong chess players,

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  • Electronic chess clock, recommended by FIDE. DGT 2010 appeared in 2007, and in June 2008, after testing by high-profile arbitrators who concluded that the clock met all the rules of the organization, received the status of "official FIDE watches". * setting various time controls, including Fisher and Bronstein controls (with the addition of time) * attractive design * convenient display and buttons * turning on / off the sound signal * pause

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    Before you - the continuation of the legendary book, which was eagerly awaited by Russian-speaking chess fans around the world. Alexei Shirov, the repeated contender for the title of world champion and one of the brightest and most distinct grandmasters of our time, in detail and captivatingly comments on his best games, saturated with tactical fireworks and extraordinary moves. & laquo; This boy already thinks better than me & raquo ;, & mdash; said about his young student Michael Tal. "Thanks to his combative fury, Shirov can be considered one of Tal's direct heirs ... & raquo ;, writes the famous grand master J.Spilman. In comparison with the English edition, the book is supplemented by the parties of recent years. For a wide range of chess fans.

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    The book of the international master, experienced trainer and chess journalist Luis Bernal is dedicated to the Berlin defense, which gained special popularity after its successful application by Vladimir Kramnik in the match for the title of world champion of 2000 against Harry Kasparov. Not only the legendary "Berlin endgame" is considered, but a full range of other, anti-Berlin & raquo; opportunities. The author did not try to overload the work with detailed options, but give more ideas and model solutions. The book consists of three parts: a section of theory, exemplary parties with comments and a set of model positions for Today the Berlin Defense & mdash; a regular guest in super tournaments and is included in the repertoire of the most powerful grandmasters of the world. Magnus Carlsen is a special and constant love for this debut. For a wide range of chess fans.

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    Cardinally revised and supplemented edition of the famous debut multi-volume & ndash; desktop edition Russian (and not only!) amateurs and professionals of Russian drafts. Author & ndash; vice-champion of Russia in the correspondence game, international master V.M. Vysotsky. The first volume of the encyclopedia is dedicated to the beginnings arising after the move of the white 1.c3-b4, and includes an overview of the following debuts: Classic jamb, Seyzneva Cant, Sargin Cant, > A jamb with a change for g5 and a jamb of Perelman. For a wide range of checkers fans.

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    Five-time world champion Vishy Anand has been among the strongest chess players in the world for three decades. His initiative, beautiful style of play, as well as impeccable athletic qualities, won the hearts of numerous fans of chess. Thirty parties included in this book will deliver readers not only great aesthetic pleasure. A special methodological value is provided by the comments of the Indian grandmaster, harmoniously combining general reasoning and concrete analysis. For the training purposes, the parties are divided into thematic sections. For a wide range of chess fans < / p>

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    Foreword by Gennady Sosonko. Efim Petrovich Geller - one of the key figures of the chess scene second half of the twentieth century. For several decades he was one of the leading grandmasters of the world, six times competitions contenders for the world crown, seven times became the Olympic champion, twice - the champion of the USSR. The unchallenged authority of Geller-researcher was recognized by all World champions, starting with Euwe. Many of his ideas have not lost Nowadays, modern players use them in their own practice. In front of you is the most complete meeting of parties of outstanding chess player with his author's comments. Many duels (and all their 135!) have never been published in Russian literature before. Italic notes are given by the special editor, international master Maxim Notkin, with refinements of estimates and options found at help modern computer programs. There is no doubt that studying the work of an outstanding grandmaster help a wide range of readers to significantly increase the level of games and get real pleasure from brilliant parties.

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Live chess series - SPECIAL OFFER !!! 5 = 3 !!!

Publisher: Russian CHESS House

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5 книг по цене 3: 1. Е. Гик. Жены шахматных королей. Хотя эта книга шахматная, посвящена она... любви. В главном повествовании "Жены шахматных королей" рассказывается о личной жизни чемпионов мира, их взаимоотношениях с прекрасным полом. В книге также собраны веселые, а порой и легкомысленные шахматно-любовные сюжеты, истории и анекдоты. Читатель познакомится с уникальной коллекцией фотографий героев и героинь книги. 2. С. Ландау. Любовь и шахматы. элегия Михаила Таля. Это книга воспоминаний о личных отношениях великого шахматиста-романтика, чемпиона мира Михаила Таля и его первой жены, человека, близкого ему в течение всей жизни, Салли Ландау, отношениях, как ею сказано, `нежных и противоречивых, светлых и грустных...` Актриса и певица Салли Ландау дебютировала на сцене в 17 лет. Выступала в Вильнюсском русском драматическом театре, Рижском театре юного зрителя, в Литовском эстрадном оркестре, в оркестре Эдди Рознера и эстрадном оркестре под руководством Раймонда Паулса. 3. М. Левидов. Стэйниц. Ласкер. Эта книга была одной из первых в легендарной серии "Жизнь замечательных людей". Ее автор Михаил Левидов был не только любителем и знатоком шахмат, но и писателем в самом высоком значении этого слова. Книга будет интересна не только любителям шахмат, но и всем, кого интересует подлинная литература, рассказывающая о выдающихся личностях, посвятивших себя служению высокому искусству. В известном смысле это книга о Борьбе, умении достигать поставленных целей, преодолевая себя и непростые жизненные обстоятельства. 4. С. Цвейг, А.Куприн. Шахматные новеллы. У этой книги много авторов и общая тема - шахматы. Но читателю нет необходимости даже знать, как ходят фигуры. Ему предлагается окунуться в мир вечной игры - ее историю, психологию, философию... Он ощутит аромат различных эпох, и помогут ему в этом такие великие писатели-глыбы, как Цвейг, Куприн, Леонов и Фирдоуси. Но не только они. В книгу включены также чудесное эссе Чагодаевой - последней жены символа шахмат Капабланки, - написавшей о нем с любовью и грустью, и поэма-загадка неизвестного автора. 5. В. Анзикеев. Десятая муза. Перед вами предстанет галерея известных во всем мире имен - от писателей, актеров, ученых (Эрих-Мария Ремарк, Марлен Дитрих, Франсуа Рабле, Владимир Набоков, Армен Джигарханян, Алан Тьюринг и многие другие) до литературных персонажей (Гарри Поттер, Алиса из Страны чудес). Владимир Анзикеев пять лет проработал редактором в журнале "64-Шахматное обозрение" и газете "Шахматная неделя". Все помещенные в этой книге эссе были опубликованы в этих изданиях и вызвали большой интерес у читателей. Эссе "Когда за доской сатана" (о божественном и дьявольском началах в шахматах) переведена на английский язык. Эта книга представляет собой сборник эссе на шахматные темы, связанные с литературой, театром и т.д.

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