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    In his new book, grandmaster Zenon Franco deeply analyzes the 69 instructive victories of the 11th world champion Robert Fischer. The book is not overloaded with options, the emphasis – with detailed explanations in a move-by-move style, creating an ideal platform for learning chess. In the "reference" At points in each game, the reader is offered test questions, which helps both the practical study of key techniques of the chess game and the reliable assimilation of acquired knowledge. Questions and answers engage the reader in the learning process and help him track his growth in chess strength. The appendix provides a critical analysis of the unsatisfactory translation of Robert Fisher's famous book “My 60 Memorable Games.”

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    This tutorial is addressed to those who want to learn to play chess on their own and improve further. The lesson-based method of presentation, as well as numerous exercises, contribute to the consistent assimilation of the rules and laws that form the basis of the chess game. The book contains extensive educational material, which is presented to the reader in accordance with modern pedagogical principles. The purpose of this manual is to train chess players of the III category (rating up to 1800). The textbook can also be used for classes in groups - it covers the material of existing programs of the first year of study in children's and youth chess schools.

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  • Reprint of a large badge (4 cm x 3.5 cm) dedicated to the failed match between Karpov and Fischer in 1975. The original was issued in an edition of  in several signal specimens (only specimens from the collection of A. Karpov and the Central House of Art Museum are known). 

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    Like other titles in the Training Program for Chess Players series, this volume is both an excellent textbook for independent study and a powerful training aid for chess coaches. In the view of many experts, no better work of this kind has ever been written. coach and Master of Sport. Golenishchev's programs are still considered. critically important and are successfully employed in chess schools. His teaching methods remain popular in Russia and around the world. Supervised by Editor-in-Chief and former Karpov, this new edition of Golenishchev's classic work is updated to include important games from the recent high-level chess competitions, reflecting modern approaches to the game. OPENING Fragment 1 OPENING Fragment 2

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    The authors continue to study typical opening and middlegame positions. Royal Fortress No. 2 has pawns on squares f7, g6, h7 (or f2, g3, h2), and they are usually joined by another defender – bishop on g7 (g2). This formation is called fianchetto, it is found in many popular openings, such as the Catalan Opening, King's Indian Defense, Grunfeld Defense and a number of others.  The authors analyze in detail the techniques of attack, defense and counterattack. Most examples – from the creativity of modern chess players (for example, a separate chapter is dedicated to the strongest Russian grandmaster Ian Nepomniachtchi); they are complemented by parts that have become a classical heritage. The book contains about 300 positions for independent solution, so it is not only a textbook, but also a solid problem book. Grandmaster Konstantin Chernyshov, head of the Interregional Grandmaster School in Kostroma, and his daughter International Master Natalya Kareva – experienced coaches, whose students include grandmasters and masters, champions of Russia and Europe among juniors.  The book is addressed to young chess players and their mentors. 

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    The vast majority of opening guides are written for adult readers. This book is also devoted to the theory but it is junior. The structure of the book is simple and attractive: openings are examined using examples from actual games, each of which is presented in the form of a lesson with its own name. Several such lessons form an opening theme, and the examination of each theme concludes with exercises. In each opening, attention is drawn to its characteristic tactical and strategic ideas of combinations for independent solution strictly corresponds to the opening theme. Written in clear and easy language, the book is furnished with a large number of diagrams. Colored explanatory arrows on the diagrams and the selection of individual pages with a colored background make the book easier to understand. Regular work solve two problems: deepen the student's knowledge and develop his tactical vision, thus improving his skill and results.

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  • The height of the king is 95 mm, the diameter of the base of the king is 42 mm. Currently used in tournaments of the Central House of Chess Players. The kit is sold without a board.

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Chess school of Anatoly Karpov. World Chess Video encyclopedia - set 4 cassettes ART P2

Publisher: Studio AEK-videoproduction

paper book

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Одно из немногих шахматных обучающих видео на русском языке! В фильме представлены уроки международных гроссмейстеров - Игоря Зайцева и Евгения Свешникова. Все уроки сопровождаются интерактивными изображениями шахматных досок. Всемирная шахматная видеоэнциклопедия – это уникальный видеосериал, ставящий задачу объединить и глубоко осмыслить сокровищницу шахматных знаний, накопленных человечеством, через творчество великих и выдающихся мастеров шахматного искусства. Первый раздел составляют 4-х часовые выпуски по актуальным вопросам шахматной философии, теории дебютов, шахматной стратегии, тактики, психологии и т.д. Весь огромный материал строится на базе опыта, накопленного шахматной школой Анатолия Карпова в течении 10 лет ее работы. Школа уникальна уже по плодам своим : десятки молодых людей, прошедших курс школы, стали международными мастерами и гроссмейстерами, чемпионами мира и Европы в различных возрастных категориях. Феномен школы очень точно определил сам Анатолий Карпов. Вот его слова, которые используются в качестве эпиграфа в начале каждого выпуска сериала «Шахматная школа Анатолия Карпова» : я начал играть в шахматы в 4 года. Чемпионом мира стал через 19 лет. Со всей ответственностью могу сказать, что мой путь на шахматный Эверест был бы значительно короче, если бы с самого начала у меня были такие наставники, которые сегодня в нашей школе. Содержание: 1. Вступительное слово. 2. Как составить дебютный репертуар по системе Свешникова. 3. Важнейшие элементы шахматной стратегии: Атака в сильном пункте. Атака возмездия (И. Зайцев).

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