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  • This book is a repertoire of Bologan for black for all the answers of the whites to 1 ... e5 (except the Spanish party). A well-known grandmaster and theoretician offers Black two different answers to each significant line: one based on a common approach, and the other - as an aggressive weapon. In fact, these are two books in one! If you agree to play the Spanish Party for Black, you should be prepared in case White moves away from the Spanish. Viorel Bologan on all the set of significant lines from the side of white imposes a grid of game options for Black. And the book also has: - a guide for those who have little time to prepare. - a scattering of new ideas in the old lines. - "Quick" repertoire in each chapter: the minimum you need to know. - permutations of moves and related subtleties. - Critical revision of historical options and gambits. - references are given to 2,200 parties.

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    Like other titles in the Training Program for Chess Players series, this volume is both an excellent textbook for independent study and a powerful training aid for chess coaches. In the view of many experts, no better work of this kind has ever been written. coach and Master of Sport. Golenishchev's programs are still considered. critically important and are successfully employed in chess schools. His teaching methods remain popular in Russia and around the world. Supervised by Editor-in-Chief and former Karpov, this new edition of Golenishchev's classic work is updated to include important games from the recent high-level chess competitions, reflecting modern approaches to the game. OPENING Fragment 1 OPENING Fragment 2

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    Famous grandmaster, writer and trainer Sarhan Guliyev, together with his brother, an international master and FIDE trainer Logman Guliyev, wrote an interesting and informative textbook in the style of the classic work of V. Gort and B Yansy & laquo; Together with Grandmasters & raquo; The reader is invited to find the best move in completely diverse positions that affect the entire spectrum of the strategic and tactical arsenal of the modern chess player. Not in every instance is it possible to count the correct decision to the end, but any of them omozhet learn to find combinations in Mittag telshpile, true to plan & mdash; in the endgame, as well as avoiding standard errors. Points are awarded for correct decisions. For the convenience of the solution, are placed at the end of the book, detailed and supplemented with additional diagrams. Increased format (170 × 240 mm).

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    Before you - the continuation of the legendary book, which was eagerly awaited by Russian-speaking chess fans around the world. Alexei Shirov, the repeated contender for the title of world champion and one of the brightest and most distinct grandmasters of our time, in detail and captivatingly comments on his best games, saturated with tactical fireworks and extraordinary moves. & laquo; This boy already thinks better than me & raquo ;, & mdash; said about his young student Michael Tal. "Thanks to his combative fury, Shirov can be considered one of Tal's direct heirs ... & raquo ;, writes the famous grand master J.Spilman. In comparison with the English edition, the book is supplemented by the parties of recent years. For a wide range of chess fans.

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    On this legendary book several generations of chess players have grown up. A systematic course for dischargers, illustrated by numerous (1077) carefully chosen examples. Teachers and trainers can build their lessons with the help of this book fascinatingly, consistently mastering the strategy and tactics of the royal games. According to the absolute majority of specialists - the necessary book on shelf of any qualified chess player. One of the most important textbooks in chess literature.

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  • Quartz chess clock & nbsp; Size of watch: 6.5 * 18 cm. Height 12 cm. Weight 380 g. Powered by one AA battery (included) Plastic enclosure

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    The book consists of test-positions and their solutions. All of them are taken from the parties of Alexander Morozevich, one of the brightest grandmasters of the beginning of the XXI century. Decisions are given in the form of detailed commentary fragments of parties; some of the most famous fights are shown in full. Tasks of different levels of complexity are intended, first of all, for training the calculation of options and the ability to make non-standard, original solutions. The reader will also check and develop his tactical vigilance. For a wide range of chess fans.

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    Readers are invited to a brilliant book of the famous Romanian grandmaster Mikhail Marina, who was recognized as the best chess book of the year in the United States. The author examines those aspects of the work of the great chess players, in which they were undeniably the strongest. By carefulness and depth of analysis, Marina's work is in line with the famous works of Garry Kasparov. The first part of the book is devoted to A. Rubinstein, A. Alekhin, M. Bot- Vinnik and M. Tal . In the second part, the work of T. Petro- Rosyans, R. Fisher, A. Karpov and V. Korchnoi is considered. The book ends with a chapter with instructive examples from the practice of the current champion of the world of Magnus Carlsen. The textbook will be useful not only for a wide circle of chess fans, but also for specialists.

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    Cardinally revised and supplemented edition of the famous debut multi-volume & ndash; desktop edition Russian (and not only!) amateurs and professionals of Russian drafts. Author & ndash; vice-champion of Russia in the correspondence game, international master V.M. Vysotsky. The first volume of the encyclopedia is dedicated to the beginnings arising after the move of the white 1.c3-b4, and includes an overview of the following debuts: Classic jamb, Seyzneva Cant, Sargin Cant, > A jamb with a change for g5 and a jamb of Perelman. For a wide range of checkers fans.

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  • The size of the board is 70 x 70 cm, the cells are 8 x 8 cm. The cells are light and blue. Plastic figures with a magnet, black and red. Carrying and storage pouch.

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    Before you - one of the most famous works in chess literature, a real guidebook for many generations of chess players. This book is the content of twelve public lectures delivered by Em. Lasker in front of an audience of London players in the spring of 1895. Lectures of the great world champion, who was in the prime of his creative powers, rose high above the level of simple public appearances and for a long time ahead of their time. Anyone who knows the rules of chess will be more than rewarded, having learned the lessons from this book. The edition has passed special chess editing. For a wide range of chess fans. Table of Contents Trailer

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    Ежемесячный журналъ, посвященный шахматной игре и ея литературе. Издаваемый М. Чигоринымъ 1876-1877. С.-Петербургъ. Типография В.О. Демакова.
    Великий русский шахматист, основоположник отечественной шахматной школы Михаил Иванович Чигорин в течение десяти лет издавал великолепные журналы "Шахматный листок" (1876-1881) и "Шахматный вестник" (1885-1887). Он был там основным, а порой - и единственным автором. Излишне говорить, что эти ярчайшие образцы русской шахматной мысли давным-давно стали практически недоступны современному читателю. Благодаря этому труду появляется возможность познакомиться с нашим бесценным шахматным, историческим и литературным наследием.
    "Приятно отметить, что роскошное, элитное исполнение данного четырехтомного издания не имеет аналогов в мировой шахматной литературе", - пишет в "Слове к читателю" многократный чемпион мира Анатолий Карпов.
    Первый том включает в себя два года: 1876-1877.

    «Чигорин – основоположник отечественной шахматной школы, выдающийся теоретик, претендент на мировую корону». Как часто нам приходилось читать и слышать эти слова, которые от частого употребления затерлись, стали казаться пустой банальностью. Между тем, Михаил Иванович Чигорин (1850 – 1908) был действительно ярчайшей творческой личностью. Азартный, увлекающий человек, он ради поиска шахматной истины, разгадки тайн замысловатой дебютной либо внешне простой эндшпильной позиции не жалел сил и времени. В те далекие годы универсальность еще не стала «жизненной необходимостью» в шахматах, а потому каждый крупный мастер обладал четко выраженным индивидуальным стилем, со своими достоинствами и недостатками. Русский чемпион верил в динамический потенциал фигур, стремился к открытой фигурной игре, охотно жертвовал материал за инициативу. Его могучий оппонент Вильгельм Стейниц превыше всего ставил незыблемые позиционные ценности: надежность пешечной структуры, преобладание в центре, перевес в пространстве. Чигорин и Стейниц сыграли два матча на первенство мира, множество турнирных и легких партий, но их принципиальный спор велся не только за шахматной доской. Полемически острые, бескомпромиссные дискуссии этих титанов и их последователей украшали страницы газет и журналов тех лет.

    Чигорин страстно любил шахматы, и его угнетало отсутствие общественного интереса к этой мудрой игре в нашей стране. Он стремился доказать, что шахматы – не пустая забава; они могут стать делом всей жизни, настоящей профессией. Чтобы показать шахматы в самом выгодном свете и привлечь внимание просвещенной публики, Чигорин в течение десяти лет издавал, в основном за свой счет, журналы «Шахматный листок» (1876-81) и «Шахматный вестник» (1885-87). Он был там основным, а порой – и единственным автором. Излишне говорить, что эти ярчайшие образцы русской шахматной мысли давным-давно уже стали библиографической редкостью.

    Современный читатель избалован обилием шахматной литературы. Однако без исторической ауры, обволакивающей творческую сущность шахматиста, наш внутренний мир был бы гораздо беднее. Издательство «Русский шахматный дом» совершает настоящий подвиг, давая возможность каждому познакомиться с нашим бесценным шахматным, историческим и литературным наследием. Приятно отметить, что роскошное, элитное исполнение данного четырехтомного издания не имеет аналогов в мировой шахматной литературе.

    Анатолий Карпов,
    многократный чемпион мира
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    The first Russian world champion Alexander Alekhine went down in history not only as a winner of many tournaments and matches and the creator of hundreds of masterpieces of chess creativity. He is also rightfully considered one of the most prominent analysts of all time. Alekhine's comments are distinguished by depth and objectivity, a clear statement of the prisoners in the position of ideas. In this edition, all the parties of Alekhine with author's notes are collected for the first time. Many of them now can be found only in old magazines, some have not previously been published in Russian. The editorial notes take into account the achievements of modern computer analysis.

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    Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: «This three-volume anthology contains the collected and annotated games of all the matches for the world chess championship between 1886 and 1998.

    In the overwhelming majority of cases, these matches were battles between genuine chess giants. In 1947 the organization of the world championships, including qualifying competitions, was taken on by the International Chess Federation (FIDE). This strengthened both the prestige of the title itself, and also the prestige of FIDE, which competently arranged these events for half a century.

    Among the games presented in this work are a number of genuine masterpieces, the study of which will afford great pleasure to lovers of the game. It can be confidently stated that this publication gives the most vivid impression of the state of chess skill and chess knowledge at various stages in the history of our game throughout the last hundred years. Such material cannot age and cannot be consigned to oblivion»

  • book

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    Основа из мрамора. Высота кубка с крышкой и фигурой 28,5 см. Данный кубок можно заказать других размеров.
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    The first Hastings international chess tournament games collection was published in England in 1895, not long after the competition took place. The participants themselves commentated the games. The second games collection appeared a year later, in Germany. The author, Emil Schallopp, a well-known master and chess journalist, used analysis published in the English tournament book extensively, as well as in European chess periodicals. This book includes Schallopp’s commentary. Of course, many of E.Schallopp’s evaluations, especially as periains to the opening, have been disproved by modern theory. Nevertheless, the Russian Chess House left most of his commentary untouched, viewing it as a tribute to the epoch and believing it has great value in terms of chess history. In certain cases, analysis published by Schallopp’s successors and drastically reevaluating many key positions is provided. A few games have been commentated by S. Tarrash, G.Y. Levenfish and P.A.Romanovsky.

    The round overviews were written by B.Trubitsyn (rounds I-X and XVII-XXI) and B.I.Belensky (rounds XI-XVI). B.Trubitsyn also compiled the informational sources and wrote one of the introductory articles.

  • book

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    Emanuel Lasker. Vol.1. All games, 1889-1903.

    Emanuel Lasker. Vol.2. All games, 1904-1940.

    This book contains all of Lasker's match and tournament games from this periods with annotations by various Russian masters. The notes are in languageless, chess symbol notation. It features tournament crosstables and diagrams throughout as well as indexes of opponents, openings and events.

  • book

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    The book is dedicated to one of the greatest chess players in history, participant of the first official world championship match Johann Zuckertort. The highest point of his brilliant career was the triumph at the largest international tournament in London in 1883, where he took first place, ahead of three (!) Points took second place Wilhelm Steinitz. In the subsequent match for the world championship, Zuckertort was leading with a score of 4: 1, and, according to many experts, only health problems prevented him from becoming the world's first official world champion. The book, in fact, is divided into two parts. The first consists of the best articles and fragments, the authors of which are mostly people who knew Zuckertort well, and gives a full picture of his personality. In the second and the main part of the book, the most complete collection of parties (more than 300), commented mainly on himself, as well as his famous rivals, is presented to the present day & ndash; Steinitz, Chigorin, etc. The continuing value of Zukertort's creativity is evidenced by the fact that many of his parties were commented on subsequently by the fifth world champion Max Euwe. I. Tsukertort, a disciple of the uncrowned world champion A. Andersen, was an adherent of romantic, combinational chess. His party will undoubtedly help you to improve your skills and get pleasure from genuine masterpieces of chess art.

  • book

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    Gift edition. The book tells about the life and creative path of the Russian genius Mikhail Chigorin, who is rightfully considered the founder of the national chess school. There are about 250 parties with comments first of all Chigorin, as well as such coryphaeus as V. Steinitz, E. Bogolyubov, Z. Tarrash, G. Levenfish, and others. The book in the biographical part is based on the famous work of Grekov, but the meeting of parties is considerably replenished. Mikhail Ivanovich was much ahead of his time and actually played in the chess of the XXI century, and his undying ideas had a huge impact on subsequent generations. Having studied this book, you will greatly strengthen your game and substantially replenish the stock of ideas in all stages of the party. For a wide range of chess fans.